2013 The Year That Was, 2014 The Year That Will Be.

As it has been nearly two months since I last wrote something for this site, I thought I would make the first post of 2014 a review of 2013, and sort of mud map for what will be happening in 2104.

2013’s Top 7 Posts

7: What Does It Mean To Be Vegan?
My thoughts on what it means to be vegan in a world that isn’t.

6: Are Animal Activists Making Things Worse For The Animals?
The article where I ask the question of whether ‘animal activists’ are actually making things worse for other animals? I gave the example of a Melbourne Pig Save protest that uses pigs from Edgar’s Mission as some sort of entertainment for passersby.

5: Vegan Animal Rights Group Refuses To Promote Veganism
My thoughts on one of the darkest days of the animal advocacy movement for 2013, if all time. When an alleged vegan animal rights group, Animal Liberation Queensland, refused to promote anything relating to veganism at one of their events.

4: The Truth About Cats And Dogs
A controversial article floating the idea that we as humans actually keep pets for our own gratification, rather than considering what is actually in the best interests of the animal in question.

3: Animal Liberation Deception
Further evidence that the Animal Liberation franchise is actually a consumer protection group, and has very little interest in liberating animals after Animal Liberation NSW’s Executive Director, Mark Pearson, used the plight of chickens to increase his political profile in the hope of winning a senate seat at the 2013 election.

2: Is There Such A Thing As An Ex-Vegan?
After 13 years of promoting veganism in February of 2013, Alexandra Jamieson announced to the world that she was no longer vegan. Her decision to do this was based on her ‘listening’ to her body, and giving in to some ‘cravings’ that she has. Her decision to do this after such a long time of being vegan lead to the inevitable question being asked, was she ever vegan in the first place?

1: Gateway To Hell Visits China Southern Airlines
Alleged activists claiming to be from Gateway To Hell who were actually from Coast To Coast Animal Friends, stormed the Brisbane office of China Southern Airlines to ‘protest’ about the airline’s transportation of primates overseas.

[GARD]Whilst there are some animal groups that are claiming that 2013 was a great year for the animals, the truth of the matter is that I highly doubt it actually was. Granted, ‘awareness’ was raised on certain issues, though very little, if anything was done to change things.

IF 2014, is to be the year where plight of other animals is actually considered and meaningful change is made, the first thing that we need to do is draw a figurative line in the sand and say that ANY use of animals is unacceptable. Failing to do that shows to the world, and the animals, that our ‘popularity’ comes first.

2014 may also see a bit of a slight diversion of some of the articles that are written on here. In July of this year, my partner will give birth to new recruit for the Vegan Police force. Rest assured, whilst there won’t be any warm and fuzzy vegan baby posts, there may be articles written about the challenges we face, without me going soft.

If we all start to promote veganism, and only veganism, then 2014 WILL be the best year for other animals.

What are your thoughts?