A Vegan Australia Day, 2013

Meat and Livestock Australia recently launched their summer marketing campaign for this season, featuring 2010’s “Nothing Beats Beef” commercial. As part of the campaign, we will soon see smoking billboards, aromatic bus stops and a continual bombardment through print, TV and digital advertising.

Undoubtedly we will also be blessed with another reappearance of Sam Kekovich and his Australia Day advertising to try and convince us that choosing to eat tofu over lamb is an unAustralian thing to do.

Maybe it’s time that we as a vegan collective challenged this idea.

Australia Day is on a Saturday this year, and still a few months away, so why don’t we all get together and organise a noticeable vegan presence across the country to counter this?

I am starting the ground work for one in Brisbane, with a google+ event created, and a number of different organisations contacted.

I know this may seem like a rather ambitious quest, though that doesn’t mean that it cant be done.

At the moment I am still trying to figure out the whole google+ events thing, so if you would like to be added to the invite list, please use this contact form and I will send you an invite.

Let’s start building the momentum to make this the first big vegan event for 2013, providing we all survive the Mayan prediction in December, and show the MLA, media and whoever else that eating tofu is more Australian than killing and BBQing an animal.


Cameron Blewett

What are your thoughts?