And They Are At It Again.

I have written a number of articles about the level of sexism, patriarchy, and bullying within the animal advocacy movement within Queensland, and I honestly thought that having someone expose their behaviours would have been enough to get them to stop.

Except this has not been the case.

ALQ: Operation Northern Exposure

Animal Liberation Queensland, in their attempt to garner a few more votes to win the $15,000.00 “People’s Choice Award” from Voiceless, promoted the below image all over Facebook.

Only Men Eat Beef

Not only is this statement in the image sexist, and something a modern organisation should know better about, it also makes me wonder why they decided to use it in the first place. Before everyone jumps up and down telling me that it was an attempt at tongue in cheek humour, I am going to ask if saying that makes it right?

Numerous female figures within the animal advocacy and vegan movement have written, spoken, and commented about the ingrained sexist and patriarchal attitudes that for some reason are  accepted as the norm, and go unquestioned.

As we all aware, the mainstream media likes to portray males who do not consume animal products as not being ‘real men’. The Meat and Livestock Association has even made a campaign about it telling us all that if we don’t consume lamb on Australia Day, then we are unAustralian. All the effort that myself and others have gone to to dispel this myth, has just been blown out of the water by a poorly thought out attempt at self promotion.

If Animal Liberation Queensland is going to plan a tour of northern Queensland to turn the ‘beef eating blokes into quinoa quaffing Queenslanders”, what will they do with those people who eat venison, kangaroo, lamb, or chicken?

Operation Northern Exposure

The reason behind the picture, as I mentioned above, is that Animal Liberation Queensland is looking for funding for their “Operation Northern Exposure”.

From the Voiceless page:

Animal Liberation Queensland is planning to send a team of animal advocates on a road trip to eight regional centres around their state, bringing the animal protection message to country Queenslanders. While on the road, the Northern Exposure team will be promoting animal-friendly, compassionate lifestyles throughout the state, offering free samples of vegan food, along with ‘Why Vegan’ booklets, campaign brochures and film screenings. Let’s hope that the ‘animal-friendly’ message that they will be promoting is about the vegan lifestyle, and not of the happy meat and bigger cages one that other animal advocacy organisations promote.

I wonder if this is something that they put to the members of the organisation, or did a few people decide that a north Queensland holiday was needed, and planned a tour around it?

What I would really like to know is what happened to all the money that they have?
Remember this is the same organisation that some months ago went in with other members of the Animal Liberation franchise to buy an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

[GARD]I am also guessing, by the fact that they are focusing on other parts of Queensland, that the South East corner is either fully aware of their message and nothing else can be done, or we are all a lost cause.

Maybe I am missing something here, where sending activists on a tour around Queensland is more effective than organising something in Brisbane where those who are putting it on will be able to go home at the end, rather than to a motel room.

What are your thoughts?