Animal Justice Party Inciting Violence Against Tony Abbott?

In what could only be regarded as a vain attempt to claw back credibility, lost due to the preference fiasco at the Federal Election, it appears that the Animal Justice Party is trying to incite members and fans into an act of violence against the current government.

The following text was attached to a “Ban Live Export” image posted to the groups facebook page.

So Mr Abbottoir, the word is out there that you are trying to make a deal with the Indonesians to accept turned back boats if you change the laws of our animal welfare requirements on their abattoirs so we have no say in how Australian cows are killed for their meat. (and keep it a secret) Mr Abbottoir, please know that if you do this there WILL be a revolution. How do I know this? Because I would have NO qualms in starting one and I am certain that thousands (if not millions) more will join me. You will not get away with this latest attempt of deceiving your own people, so back up, walk away and do the right thing, now. Today! (as shared and well said from Jan B. and for those who have been critical of the AJP we will fight this ALL THE WAY )

Even more concerning is this comment by the party

with the current “veil of secrecy” we may have to have a revolution afterall or possibly get arrested for having an opinion ? no amount of emails or letters will get through and these horrors are global but so are our words and actions of protest.

As we know the next federal election is possibly another three years away, so they couldn’t mean a voting revolution. Which leaves only one other possibility, and that is that this party is trying to organise some sort of violent revolution against the Prime Minister and government. Judging by some of the comments that have been left, I don’t think that I am too far off the mark with that one either.

What is equally disturbing is that a federally registered political party is taking such liberties with the name of this country’s Prime Minister to mock him and further their own agenda.

Whilst it was embarrassing to see the haphazardly thrown together policies that the party took to the election, such as campaigning to change things that the Federal government has no authority over, and the Vice President saying that building more slaughterhouses would virtually stop live export overnight, this latest stunt has to be the final straw. Is it any wonder that the mainstream media portrays animal advocates as a bunch of loonies?

[GARD]As a further indication of how out of touch with this social justice movement the party really is, the author of that post refers to these animals as Australian cows. Yet one of the very things that a majority of animal advocates are campaigning for is to have other animals no longer referred to as property.  I also wonder, at what point during the live export process do these animals stop being ‘Australian’ cows, and become ‘Indonesian’ cows?

Also, the last time I checked, there weren’t any slaughterhouses in Australia doing  weekly or daily tours either. So much for secrecy being something that happened in Indonesia.

Thankfully, those rational animal advocates amongst us can all breathe a collective sigh of relief and be grateful that this party didn’t get any candidates elected into the Senate because I hesitate to think what their behaviour would be like then.