Animal Justice Party. Will We Ever See It In Queensland?

Animal Justice PArty Qld. Will they or won't they come here? Source:facebook
Animal Justice PArty Qld. Will they or won’t they come here? Source:facebook

There seems to be something strange going on in AJP HQ in NSW with regards to their presence, or lack thereof, in Queensland.

First there was the claim that there aren’t enough people in Queensland who care about animals to justify registering a political party here.

Now there is the claim there’s a large number of people who are interested but too spread out to get enough together and get a group off the ground.

Is this a cop out by the Animal Justice Party, or a simple case of poverty of ambition?


To become registered as a political party in Qld, the party needs to have at least 500 members in Qld.

Given half the chance, I am sure the Animal Justice Party’s NSW MLC would be more than happy to make a presence if it were to drum up support and members.

I am also sure he wouldn’t have to do too much sweet talking to get groups like Animal Liberation Queensland, Coast To Coast Animal Friends, or even the Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland to send a membership application to their mailing list.

That being said, I would be very surprised if between those three groups alone, they weren’t able to find at least 500 who were willing to join the party.

Politics Is A Long Term Game

Just like the animal advocacy movement, politics is a long term game.

Yes, I do understand that Queensland is a unicameral system with only one house of parliament, whereas the other states have two. In other words, it will be a little bit harder, though not impossible to get a candidate elected.

What this means is that any potential candidate(s) will need to be seen and known before the election is called.

Unfortunately, this is where the party may reach their first stumbling block. These days, people tend to feel frustrated and lose interest if things don’t happen instantly, and they aren’t recognised/rewarded for their action(s).

Once again, that doesn’t mean that they won’t win a seat, it might just take an election or two for it to happen.

Time For Strategy

If the AJP is to have any chance of having any sort of impact in Queensland, the time to act is now.

With the amount of animal related issues being reported by the mainstream media increasing all the time, they should be taking advantage of it, and sending out press releases left, right, and centre.

That is if they are actually interested in making improvements for other animals, and not just the status that goes with having an elected representative.

Now’s the time for the Animal Justice Party to be cunning like a fox, borrowing the line from Mark Pearson, and start the ground swell for the next election.

After all, they are in it for the animals. Aren’t they?

What are your thoughts?