Animal Liberation Deception

One of the biggest hoaxes within Australia’s animal advocacy movement has finally been revealed.

The master franchisee of the Animal Liberation ‘brand’ in Australia, Animal ‘Liberation’ (NSW) is not really an animal rights organisation after all. Today on ABC’s Landline episode Sky Wars, they revealed that they are actually a consumer protection organisation.

This segment was about the NSW based group’s aerial surveillance of a free range egg farm at Dora Creek on the New South Wales central coast.

The organisation’s executive director, Mark Pearson, says “If it’s free range, the birds must have access to outside vegetation, palatable vegetation, shade, light, dust, etc, to fulfil their needs, which is what consumers expect to be the case if consumers are paying the premium for free-range eggs.”

One of the owners of the farm says that the hens were confined on that day because they were being treated for worms, which is acceptable under the Model Code Of Practice for Poultry.

It is unfortunate for the animals that the segment was more focused on the way that consumers are being deceived by falsely labelled ‘free range’ eggs, with extra confirmation of that being given by Angela McDougall from Choice.

As I have mentioned a number of times, the animal ‘liberation’ franchise is more concerned with self promotion than they are with actually liberating other animals.

The footage on Landline is further evidence of that.

I was prepared to believe that it was coincidental that this footage was aired at the same time as Mr Pearson was promoting his bid for a NSW senate seat. Sadly, this is not the case, as he has admitted that the airing of the footage is to further boost his campaign for the Animal Justice Party.

This literally means that despite all his posturing, Mark Pearson, Executive Director of Animal Liberation NSW and Vice President Animal Justice Party is using the oppression of other animals for his benefit, and to further his own political aspirations.

Mr Pearson has also deceived either the media or members of other animal ‘liberation’ groups when he says that three members are trained in the use of the UAV that was jointly purchased with Animal ‘Liberation’ ACT and Animal ‘Liberation’ Queensland. Yet the individual who was using the UAV in the Landline segment appeared to be a commercial operator.

Mr Pearson tries to boost his own credentials as an animal activist by bragging about the fact that he has been arrested and charged a number of times for trespass, in the vain attempt to show us his level of ‘dedication’ to the animals.

Except he betrays ‘the animals’ again by mentioning a number of times treatment, not once saying anything about the fact that they are being used.

So much for liberating animals or seeking justice for them.