Animal Liberation Queensland Gives Up On Other Animals.

Photo Credit: Rainer Hungershausen via Flickr cc
Photo Credit: Rainer Hungershausen via Flickr cc

If you aren’t a greyhound, don’t expect much help or a campaign out of the Queensland branch of the Animal Liberation franchise.

In what has to be the worst case of dropping the ‘animal rights’ ball that this author has ever seen, Animal Liberation Queensland seems to be single-mindedly focusing on feebly attempting to stop the proposed greyhound track at Underwood in Queensland’s Logan Shire.

Despite being having the words “Animal Liberation” in their name, and having as part of their objective “To abolish man’s attitude of speciesism towards animals”, the group has forsaken all others to get a bit of publicity around greyhounds.

This single campaign to them is that important that they passed on footage, anonymously given to them, to another organisation for them to use, rather than use it themselves.

Now whilst I think it is great that they are sharing footage with other organisations outside of the franchise, I personally think it was a wasted opportunity for them to promote veganism. Something that would have benefited ALL animals.

Not only have they given up on their first stated goal of abolishing speciesism, they seem to have ‘gotten in bed with the enemy’, by having a stall at the RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk.

With the main aim of that appearance being to get signatures for their petitions, I suppose they believe that the end will justify the means. And that abolishing man’s attitude of speciesism towards animals, can easily take second place, so long as they get a few more signatures on the petition to stop the proposed track.

Now, speaking of stopping the proposed track, with all the emails, photos, posts, comments, etc that I have seen around the place, I am yet to see one that actually tells people to contact the only person who could possibly stop the track from being built. The Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning, the Honourable Jeff Seeney MP.

Under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, the Minister has the legislative power to call in a development application if it involves a state interest.

If comments in today’s press are anything go by, this may be the only option left to prevent the track being built, as a spokesman for National Parks, Recreation, Sports and Racing Minister Steve Dickson said the number of people signing the petition against the track would make no difference to the Government’s decision.

[GARD]I also hope that regardless of whether the track is or isn’t built that Animal Liberation Queensland put as much time and effort into stopping the proposed American Quarter Horse facilities from being built in the Mary Valley region.

If they don’t, I wonder if it would be worthwhile trying to explain to them what speciesism is?

What are your thoughts?