Animal Liberation Queensland: Liberating Animals Or Entrenching Their Subjugation

vp02Over the past few months, regular readers to this site would have noticed that I am not particularly supportive of Animal Liberation Queensland. I have even gone as far as saying that the group is fraudulently attracting members and donations from people who believe that the organisation will be working towards liberating animals.

I have been accused of having a vendetta against the hard working people of this organisation who are the only ones that are actually ‘doing something’ in this state. It is unfortunate that people seem to confuse ‘doing something’ with ‘achieving something’.

I am sure that those in Animal Liberation Queensland will be more than eager to include the following in their list of achievements for 2013.
* Protest at Gold Coast City Council Chambers, regarding the vote to reverse the ban on exotic animals in circuses on public land
* Protest on the Gold Coast about Lennon Bros Circus’ use of exotic animals.
* Handing over of x letters supporting a ban on live export to the electorate office of Kevin Rudd (The protest was in conjunction with Coast To Coast Animal Friends, and Animal Justice Party, with signatures collected by an individual unconnected to any of the above groups)
* Being added to the waiting list to be able to hold a fundraising BBQ at Bunnings Cannon Hill selling vege sausages.

It seems that Animal Liberation Queensland is a lot like the RSPCA, in the way that only some animals are worthy of the organisations attention, whilst others are totally neglected.

For example:
* Flying foxes are worthy of campaigns etc regarding the issuing of damage mitigation permits, yet nothing is said about the creation of the Invasive Plants and Animals Committee at June 2013’s Feral Animal Summit.
* The use of one or two exotic animals in a circus is worthy of a protest, yet the use of over 40 horses in the show Cavalia hardly rates a mention.
* A protest is organised in conjunction with Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses against the Magic Millions sale and race, yet nothing is mentioned about the regular use of horses in the Outback Spectacular.
* Pooled funds with 2 other interstate Animal Liberation groups to buy an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to document footage of alleged animal welfare breaches, yet we haven’t seen any evidence of it’s use.
* Claims to be a ‘vegan organisation’, yet still support Animals Australia, despite that group saying that they are NOT a vegan organisation, and virtually negating the vegan position with regards to animal advocacy.

[GARD]For an organisation that goes by the name Animal Liberation Queensland, and being part of a larger Animal Liberation franchise that is fiercely protective of their so-called brand, they seem to be doing very little that actually liberates the animals.

Maybe it is time to actually live up to their name and actually do something ‘for the animals’ instead of the publicity that they are always seeking…

What are your thoughts?