And They Are At It Again.

I have written a number of articles about the level of sexism, patriarchy, and bullying within the animal advocacy movement within Queensland, and I honestly thought that having someone expose their behaviours would have been enough to get them to stop.

Except this has not been the case.

ALQ: Operation Northern Exposure

Animal Liberation Queensland, in their attempt to garner a few more votes to win the $15,000.00 “People’s Choice Award” from Voiceless, promoted the below image all over Facebook.

Only Men Eat Beef

Not only is this statement in the image sexist, and something a modern organisation should know better about, it also makes me wonder why they decided to use it in the first place. Before everyone jumps up and down telling me that it was an attempt at tongue in cheek humour, I am going to ask if saying that makes it right?

Numerous female figures within the animal advocacy and vegan movement have written, spoken, and commented about the ingrained sexist and patriarchal attitudes that for some reason are  accepted as the norm, and go unquestioned.

As we all aware, the mainstream media likes to portray males who do not consume animal products as not being ‘real men’. The Meat and Livestock Association has even made a campaign about it telling us all that if we don’t consume lamb on Australia Day, then we are unAustralian. All the effort that myself and others have gone to to dispel this myth, has just been blown out of the water by a poorly thought out attempt at self promotion.

If Animal Liberation Queensland is going to plan a tour of northern Queensland to turn the ‘beef eating blokes into quinoa quaffing Queenslanders”, what will they do with those people who eat venison, kangaroo, lamb, or chicken?

Operation Northern Exposure

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What Sort Of World Are We Leaving For Our Children?

For many years the above question never really bothered me because I didn’t have any children of my own to worry about.

A few months ago, that changed when my partner’s daughter was introduced into, and became part of my life.

Having a little person in your life is full of challenges and one of them is to do the best that you can so they grow up into the type of person that will make a positive contribution to society.

As part of that process, we encourage her to think for herself when faced with an obstacle or hurdle, and that minor set backs aren’t something to get upset about.

She is at that age where she asks a lot of questions about things, and as frustrating as the constant questions can be at times, we are both trying to limit the “Because I said so!” answers.

The little one is vegan, and it is amusing to hear the things that she says when we walk past a butchers or the fish section at the markets. Though I must say it was amusing to hear her scream out “Yuck!” when an order was called out whilst we were waiting for our coffee yesterday.

Whilst both of us are hoping that she does stay vegan through out her life, and doesn’t rebel too much when that time comes, it has got me thinking about things a little bit more.

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Animal Justice Party. Are They Really Seeking Justice For The Animals?

Animal advocates Australia wide are getting all excited about the Animal justice Party, especially with the promotion of it all over social media. As with all things that are new, there has been a lot of interest in the party even though it is still in it’s infancy. Now that the election has been called, … Read moreAnimal Justice Party. Are They Really Seeking Justice For The Animals?

Animal Liberation Queensland: Liberating Animals Or Entrenching Their Subjugation

vp02Over the past few months, regular readers to this site would have noticed that I am not particularly supportive of Animal Liberation Queensland. I have even gone as far as saying that the group is fraudulently attracting members and donations from people who believe that the organisation will be working towards liberating animals.

I have been accused of having a vendetta against the hard working people of this organisation who are the only ones that are actually ‘doing something’ in this state. It is unfortunate that people seem to confuse ‘doing something’ with ‘achieving something’.

I am sure that those in Animal Liberation Queensland will be more than eager to include the following in their list of achievements for 2013.
* Protest at Gold Coast City Council Chambers, regarding the vote to reverse the ban on exotic animals in circuses on public land
* Protest on the Gold Coast about Lennon Bros Circus’ use of exotic animals.
* Handing over of x letters supporting a ban on live export to the electorate office of Kevin Rudd (The protest was in conjunction with Coast To Coast Animal Friends, and Animal Justice Party, with signatures collected by an individual unconnected to any of the above groups)
* Being added to the waiting list to be able to hold a fundraising BBQ at Bunnings Cannon Hill selling vege sausages.

It seems that Animal Liberation Queensland is a lot like the RSPCA, in the way that only some animals are worthy of the organisations attention, whilst others are totally neglected.

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Other Animals: The Pawn In The Game Of Politics.

With Australia’s federal election a matter of weeks away, and a majority of the candidates being announced, the country’s ‘animal protection’ groups are trying to politicise the plight of other animals.

Animals Australia has even gone as far as to create a page that allows a person to put in their electorate and find out how the current MP stands on the issue of Live Export, and/or The Independent Office of Animal Welfare. They have even sent out a number or tweets trying to tell the major parties that based on polling, a positive position on both will get them the vote.

Sadly, there are going to be a number of voters who will get hoodwinked into believing that just because a current MP or candidate says that they support the Independent Office of Animal Welfare, or that live export should be phased out that that is actually the way that they will vote.

As we saw when bills were presented to parliament to end live export in 2011, they were both defeated with only the two who proposed the bills, Adam Brandt, and Andrew Wilkie. All other members of the House of Representatives either voted against it or abstained from voting.

And yet, if you have a look at the Animals Australia page titled “Put Animals On The Political Map” it list all those who support the two ‘policies’ with a green tag, those who don’t a red one, blue for those who support one policy, and grey for those whose position is unknown.

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Screw You! At Least We Are Doing “Something”

There seems to be a growing phenomenon within the animal advocacy movement where activists seem to be under the impression that as long as they are doing something, then that has to be good for the animals.

Whilst these activists may believe that every little bit helps, I do wonder if they have put any thought into the possible damage that their “little bit” may do.

Let’s consider the following example for a minute and see what you think.

Shanae Wyatt is a leader of a Facebook group, Shore To Shore Animal Buddies, that claims to be ‘for the animals’. The group is made up of anyone who wants to call themselves an ‘animal lover’, despite whether they eat/use them or not. Unbeknownst to most of the people in that group, Ms Wyatt and her husband, who is also active in the group, consume a ‘mostly vegetarian’ diet. I am guessing that means that they are vegetarian except for the times a piece of steak ‘accidentally’ falls into their mouth, or whilst hubby is out fishing with his mates.

Somehow Ms Wyatt is able to whip other advocates in the area into such a frenzy that they will all fly off half cocked and do whatever it is that Ms Wyatt wants them to do. After being bored at home one night Ms Wyatt is surfing the internet where she comes across a group that says that We Fly You There Airlines is involved in the transportation of Animal X for research purposes. Ms Wyatt knows that it has to be true because it is on the internet, and the internet is NEVER wrong.

Later the next day Ms Wyatt rounds up her posse of other activists and tells them that We Fly You There Airlines has an office in Brisvegas. It is highly unlikely that Ms Wyatt would have told the rest of her posse that the office is only a corporate one, and probably has no input or control over what offices in other countries do.

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Stuff The Truth, Let’s Tar And Feather The Bastard

It seems that Tuesday’s article about activists claiming to be from “Gateway To Hell” storming the Brisbane office of China Southern Airlines has upset quite a few people.

As you can see by the comments at the end of that article, all sorts of accusations have been thrown at me yet very little discussion about what I actually wrote.

As is always the case, a few vocal people haven’t allowed the facts get in the way of a good condemnation, so I will summarise them here.

  • The footage of the ‘protest’ was published on YouTube for all to see
  • One of the people involved in the activity tagged all of those involved in a Facebook status update, congratulating each other on the day’s ‘achievement’.
  • The clip was publicly posted on the Facebook page of Coast To Coast Animal Friends, with those involved in it defending what they did when comments were made.
  • There was also a similar defence of the protest in the comments section of the YouTube clip.
  • The behaviour of the protestors is nothing more than bullying of innocent people.
  • It is highly doubtful that the small Brisbane offive has any influence on the commercial decisions of the offices in China or the United States.

In the article, I also asked the following questions, which have gone unanswered.

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