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Time To Talk Politics

Now that the Queensland state election is over, its time to talk politics. That means why we can talk about all things political without the distraction of an election. In the comments I have made on social media, the following questions were asked.

  • Why as a vegan, and someone who is interested in animal rights, don’t I support the Animal Justice Party?
  • And, why, as a vegan, would I want to support Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party.

Both of these questions are able to be answered briefly. Yet to do so gives a potentially confusing or easily misinterpreted answer. So an explanation and more detail is required. Hence this blog post.

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November Income Report

I have been too-ing and fro-ing over whether to start publishing a monthly income report for this site for some time now.

While the big players in other niches do it, I do have doubts about whether they do it to brag or be transparent.

With everyone who has anything to say about veganism, monetising their website and YouTube videos I think that we need to be honest about how much money we make from other vegans.

It is with the view of being totally transparent that I have decided to publish one.

As it is early days on having the site monetised, these income reports are definitely not done to brag about how much I make.

At the moment, the main income source is Google Adsense.

While I do have videos on YouTube, I am below the minimum amount of views to have them monetised.

At the moment, there won’t be much of an expenses report as I the expenses incurred, webhosting, domain name, email provider, images, etc are all part of the expenses from one of my business.

That being said, while the charges themselves would be relatively small, if I was to proportion it out, this site is still some ways off from being self sufficient.

The income produced from this site goes to the not for profit, Australian Vegan Foundation. (They have the site and have things in store for 2018).

Adsense: $33.68
Affiliate: $0

Other things:
The email list grew by 10% to 70 subscribers now.

Which is pretty good if you ask me, as I haven’t really promoted the email newsletter that much.

You can find the actual income report here.

FAQ – Answers to questions that shouldn’t be asked

It is a sad indicator of the state of this ‘movement’ that I have even thought about writing this post in the first place.

While I do expect narrow minded comments on the things that I write, what has annoyed me the most was a troll who came to my personal facebook profile and demanded to know what my AUTHORity was to be able to make a comment about anything vegan related.

This troll claimed it was his ‘path’ that lead him to me.

Though once he found out, he deleted his comments and went back to hide in the hole he came from.

So, to save me having to repeat myself time and time again, here are the answers to the most common ‘questions’ I get asked.

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About That Kiss…

Holy smoke.

Did I underestimate things or what?

I forget that when you post something on social media that challenges the status quo you can’t expect rational discussion.

This is exactly what happened when I shared a meme.

Someone who wasn’t able to respond to the meme like an adult would, dug through the vegan police facebook page to find some other ammunition.

And find it they did.

Once they found it, they used that image to change the direction of the discussion.

And yes, my “support” for one nation over the Animal Justice Party also came out. Though I will be talking about that in a later piece (maybe tomorrow).Continue reading

Activists Shut Down Slaughterhouse… For Nothing

In what some say is a huge win “for the animals”, activists “shut down” a slaughterhouse in Gleneagle, Queensland.

For a whole four hours.

Yes, you read that right. 4 hours.

In the scheme of things, that’s hardly being shut down now is it?

The stunt was organised by Animal Liberation Queensland and Aussie Farms.

They claim it was done to bring awareness to the plight of bobby calves, and encourage people to “ditch dairy”.Continue reading

How Not Knowing About Animal Rights Makes You a Rookie

Animal rights and veganism.

Two terms that are synonymous with each other.

Does being vegan mean you are also an “animal rights activist”?

Or is “animal rights activist” something you have to strive to?

Did you also know that there is a difference between moral and legal rights?

While this piece isn’t meant to be an exhaustive discussion on the subject, the aim is for it to serve as a primer. Which we hope will encourage you to do your own research.
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