Beefex 2010: 05-07 October 2010

For those that don’t know what Beefex is, and I must say that I didn’t until I read the brochure.  Beefex is, and I quote, “the pinnacle event of the Australian Lot Feeders Association”.  This event is held every two years, and this year it is being held at the Royal Pines Resort,  on the Gold Coast from Tuesday 05 Oct – Thursday 07 October 2010.

The people at the Australian Lot Feeders Association must be expecting it to be a big event or, they are scared of people causing a scene there. Because they have reserved every room at the Royal Pines Resort, and will offer ‘over-flow’ accommodation at nearby resorts too.

I do suggest going to the Beefex website and downloading a program of the event, so you can check out for yourself the wonderful list of speakers and session details.

There are all sorts of wonderful and I am sure informative sessions. Like the very first one at 09:15 on the first day of the event, titled “Food Scarcity – the reality and all that goes with it”. Julian Cribb of Julian Cribb and Associates will present what will undoubtedly be a biased view of the topic.

11:15 sees the MLA’s Samantha Jamieson, present “Community perceptions of the beef industry and the environment”.

It is rather amusing to see that at 10:00 on Day 2 we see Dr. Rosie King present “Not tonight darling” Sex therapist Dr Rosie King looks at the impacts of today’s life as we know it on sex and relationships, what this means down at the feedlot – and ultimately how it can affect your business, today!

Sadly, Dr Rosie King doesn’t have a contact email address on her website though I am sure that if you emailed her practice manager at and told her how disappointed in Dr King you were that she would pass it on.

For more information, be sure to check out the beefex and ALFA’s websites.

2 thoughts on “Beefex 2010: 05-07 October 2010”

  1. If arguing that the world ought to eat far more vegetables as I do in “The Coming Famine” (CSIRO Publishing 2010) is biased, then I guess I’m biased Cameron.

    You’re not exactly objective yourself…

    • Thank you for your comment Julian.

      What I would like to know is what you would be saying to a feedlot convention about the consumption of animal products.

      It should be clearly obvious to all that it is societies increasing demand for animal products that is artificially inflating the cost of grain, and creating a reduction in the land that is suitable for farming.

      Raising cattle in feedlots is not the answer to either the land or food shortage question.


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