Brisbane’s ‘Ekka

Well today is “People’s Day” and Brisbane’s ‘Ekka.
According to news reports, there was a good level of attendance today, and RNA people were gloating about how goor it was to see a crowd and stuff like that. The segment on Channel 10 says that the RNA charges stall holders approx $2,000.00 per square metre a week in rent. Then ontop of that they increased the prices for entry, food, etc. Supposedly this little day out will cost the average family over $300.00 in total.

When are people going to realise that the whole “‘Ekka Experience” has nothing to do with bringing the country to the city, and a hell of alot to do with making money for the RNA.

Also, with it costing over $300.00 for a family to go there, and people still willing to do it. Has any of them even stopped for a minute and thought that doing this may also be part of the problem why interest rates are going up?
Think about it, if people have money to waste at th ‘Ekka, then doesn’t this mean that they would also have more moeny to waste on other things? This inturn puts pressure on inflation, which is something that the Reserve Bank of Australia looks after. So to stop this, they increase interest rates in an effort to curb peoples spending habits.

What are your thoughts?