Is Bullying Alive And Well In Queensland?

The line has now been drawn in the sand.

Is bullying alive and well in the vegan movement in Queensland, or do some of us so little excitement in our lives, and nothing better to do with our time than to gossip and spread BS about others?

Those readers of this blog who are members of some of the Australian Vegan groups on Facebook, may have noticed a bit of a campaign by RawVeg Paul Pavel/Hruby/beingaware/Pavel Ruze or whatever his name is, where he has been making all sorts of allegations against me..

Namely posting a screen shot of his comment to this blog post, that I haven’t published.

Well it would seem that this pathetic individual and his partner in crime, Daniel West, must have had nothing better to do one day, other than to Google my name and see what they could dig up.

Well, lo and behold, they found an article in The Australian from March 2011 where my name was mentioned, which you can read here, where less than flattering comments where made about me by former colleagues in the union movement. This article has been emailed out to all and sundry with claims that I have lied to and deceived people as to my abilities within the field of industrial relations.

To me, this really does seem a whole lot like the pot calling the kettle black.

Unless I am mistaken, and please correct me if I am, I wasn’t the one who announced to Facebook a few months ago that I was dying of cancer, with only a few months to live, then proceeding to tell people a number of different and highly improbable stories as to how it was discovered.

Hang on for a minute I hear you say, didn’t I ask this individual to meet me at the coffee shop on Mt Coot-tha one Saturday morning a few months back?

Yes I did, though that was to discuss a personal matter, which when I wouldn’t discuss it with him via Facebook or his allegedly secure server, he did his civic duty and warned everyone, well the two people who would listen to him, that I was planning some sort of illegal activity and that if I did contact anyone’s they were to be wary of what I may rope them into.

Why is it that the behaviour of these despicable characters is being tolerated?
Ask yourself how many females do you know that Paul has upset or caused distress to because of his constant harassment, threats or intimidation?

Why is it that regardless of how many females are scared to even mention his name out of fear of some sort of reprecussion by him, he is still able to show his face in public, with nothing being done to call him on the venomous lies he is spreading or his deceitful behaviour?

Personally, I think it is rather amusing and a little bit concerning that despite the fact that I am putting my name and professional reputation on the line to promote veganism and encourage discussion about things, I am the one that is being labelled a bully and being ostracised from the vegan community.

Yet what this coward is doing is typical of actual bullying behaviour.

Preying on the vulnerable, and those who do not have the confidence to stand up to him and tell him what he is doing is unacceptable.

This coward puts all sorts of allegations and slanderous comments about people/organisations on Facebook and anywhere else online where he feels like a man, then when someone calls him out on his crap, he runs away and starts crying victim.

He contacted an admin of a Facebook group not long ago and threatened to make a police report about a comment that was made against him. This coward demanded that the admin, who happened to also be a female, give him her home address and contact details for the police report. Thankfully this female had the courage to stand up to him and say no.

[GARD]He then proceeded to blocked her on Facebook, typical behaviour of online bullies and cowards.

Then a day or so later, he posted a heartfelt comment about extending an olive branch to the vegan community, and that we should all work together to reach our common goal. All the while continuing whatever deceitful campaigns he began some time ago.

This is why I am drawing the line in the sand with this post, and encouraging others to do the same.

If people can ignore me at World Vegan Day and refuse to even acknowledge my presence, then they can sure as hell ignore these cowards, and run them out of town if that’s what needs to be done.

It is high time that support is given to those that they have bullied and intimidated, to stand by the people that these two are taking advantage of, letting them know that they do not need to be scared of either of them and that their behaviour will not be tolerated.

I am not scared of either of these cowards nor will I be backing down, this is despite Paul telling me that he has been diagnosed as a psychopath, and that he doesn’t care how many people I tell, because I do not believe that he is.

He is just a bully.

Plain and simple as that.

Sure this website, and others I have may face an increased spam and hacking attack, which seemed to begin not long after I outed him in the post Lies, Gossip, Rumours, and Bitterness, though following Gibbs’ Rule # 39, I know that there is no such thing as a coincidence.

I can no longer stand by and hear yet another female in the vegan community say that they are are scared of what either of these cowards may do, without at least trying to do something to address the situation.

Come on people, this is the 21st Century, why is this still being tolerated?

The real funny thing about all of this is that both of these people know where I live, yet neither of them have the guts to knock on my door and confront me about anything. Which once again leads me to believe that they are both bullies, and prey on those who are not able to stand up to them.

Let the games begin.

2 thoughts on “Is Bullying Alive And Well In Queensland?”

  1. Thanks for addressing this important, and troubling issue, Cameron.

    As you know, I’m the admin of the Facebook group you wrote about that this person contacted recently. I’d just like to clarify something; I have no idea who “Raw Veg Paul Pavell” is, and had never heard his “name” prior to this incident (or since). This person was inappropriately and boorishly attacking and bullying other members of a Facebook group I was admin of at the time. After discharging my admin duties, and asking all participants to act in an appropriate manner [], I was threatened by this person in a barrage of private messages, in which he demanded I give him my home address so he could report me to the police. I’m not easily intimidated, and found him to be delusional and silly, but, others may not have found his cantankerous behaviour so easy to ignore.

    The bullying and boorish behaviour by vegans, attacking other vegans, is something that needs to be addressed and dealt with, and hopefully this post may lead to a better awareness of, and willingness to address such behaviour.


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