Can we really trust the C$IRO?

Once again the C$IRO has shown that it can no longer be relied on for impartial research.

One would have thought that after the controversy create by the release of its “Total Wellbeing Diet”, which is basically Atkins by another name, and partially funded by the Meat & Livestock Association (MLA), that they would have learnt their lesson.

Once again the C$IRO has got into bed with the MLA.

This time as part of its Preventative Health National Research Flagship (PHNRF), once again party funded by the MLA, has found that for obese or overweight men a diet high in red meat, protein and fibre is just as good as a diet high in carbs and fibre for dropping the kilos.

As is usually the case with MLA sponsored research, there is no statement about how much fibre was consumed or if the test subjects did any exercise, how much fat was consumed as part of the diet and so on. Nor does it mention if this sort of diet is safe for the long term, or if it contains all the recommended vitamins and minerals.

Weight loss can only occur when the total calories expended during the day is greater than those consumed.

Regardless of any fad diet, or whether it is high protein or high carb, the only way to safely lose weight and keep it off is with a balanced calorie controlled diet and adequate exercise.

This is just another advertising campaign by the MLA disguised as medical research.

As with all weight loss programs, diets, etc. they are only effective if the person changes their lifestyle habits, and exercise routine to keep the weight off. High/Low anything diets are not good for the long term. This is the whole problem with the “weight loss” industry, they promote quick achievements. It may have taken a person 20 years to put the weight on, yet these places promote losing it in a matter of weeks or months

Finally, it may be a tad ironic that the MLA has funded this, because it was probably a diet high in meat and animal fats that got the people to the overweight or obese stage to begin with.

What are your thoughts?