Can you spell hypocrite?

There is an interesting article by James Rose from the Sydney Morning Herald talking about how hypocritical most of Australians are when it comes to their views on whaling and what they eat.

The article is here

I find it amusing that the author talks about lamb, especially since the MLA has gone to great lengths to mislead gullible Australians into thinking that it is our national dish.

In reality, there is no difference between the way that a whale dies an agonising death at the hands of the Japanese whalers, and the way that any animal dies in any of Australia’s slaughterhouses. Though I would be more inclined to say that the whales die a quicker death. For the sheep, cattle, goats, and pigs that are destined for the dinner plate, their slow and painful death starts from the time that they are loaded onto the road train. These animals whilst en route, are stored in severely overcrowded trucks where they can barely move with no protection from the elements except for the roof of the trailer nor are they provided with food or water.

So how can anyone claim to care about the way one species is hunted and barbarically killed, yet all the while paying someone else to do the same thing on their behalf?

What makes the plight of any “food” animal kept in appalling conditions, any less important than that of the whales, giant pandas or baby fur seals?

What are your thoughts?