$cience playing God to help “farmers”

Once again, $cience is going to play “God” with animals, all with the aim of making them more profitable for the farmer.

Come on seriously. When is the human race going to realise that we are the caretakers of this planet, and we shouldn’t be stuffing around in areas that we have no right to.

Take this latest report, for example.
Tell me, how will $cience help to increase revenue to $50Million in 5 years?

Are they going to impove “Artificial In$emination” techniques? Notice the word articifial, meaning, not natural.
Are they going to tweak the DNA of the cattle to get them to produce more meat?
Or, are they going to create better artificial growth hormones?

Isn’t it bad enough that these animals are intentionally exploited, and live in “un natural” enviroments? There is a good chance that any animal that humans have decreed to become part of our diet, were created using artificial insemination. Then the young animal was probably taken away from it’s mother prematurely, before it has been weaned. Then through out the rest of it’s life, it’s existance is controlled by the farmer.

The farmer tells the animals where, when and what they can eat, what areas it can walk around in. The farmer even decides when the animal is going to produce offspring. The unfortunate animal has probably been pumped full of anti-biotics, and who knows what else.
Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the famer has the animals best interest at heart, cause this is pure un-adulterated BS. If this were the case the farmer wouldn’t have the animal on the farm, treated as a commodity in the first place. All the farmer truly cares about is, how to make this unique, caring sentient being, whether they are cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc. as profitable as possible.

Has anyone stopped to think for even a moment, that if $cience needs to help these animals be more profitable then they have obviously been over exploited to begin with.

The truly scary part, and I am grateful that I am vegan and this is no longer an issue for me, is that no one will know what effect this “help” will have on the meat eater. What checks and placibo tests are going to be done in the short time span of 5 years? Then again, they could always feed the meat to a few rabbits, say that everything is OK. Then give it to the gullable humans to eat.

Have you ever noticed that the more society is hood-winked into consuming animal products, the higher the rate of heart disease, cancers, weight related health problems, and so on?

Isn’t it time you asked yourself, who is really responsible for what you eat?

What are your thoughts?