Diluting the word vegan.

It seems that everywhere you turn these days, someone has come up with a new way to be Vegan. We have 30 day challenges, Oprah recently did a 7 day one, you can be vegan Monday to Friday and before 6pm. I wouldn’t be surprised if before too long we soon see a seasonal vegan. A person that goes ‘vegan’ for a particular season for whatever reason.

Now, I realise I am probably being a little bit of an extremist here, though can someone/anyone please explain to me how avoiding animal products whilst still wearing them is vegan?

As is usually the case when a new diet related vegan craze comes out, there is usually a general critiquing of it by however many vegan bloggers feel like discussing the issue. Most of the posts are usually not in favour of the new fad and often give reasons as to why whatever they may be.

As a whole, I usually don’t have a problem with this apart from one aspect of it.

Every time that they mention the whole vegan fad in their own blogs, they are for all intents and purposes giving credence to the fad.

Then there are those who are vegan and are supportive of these fads.

There is no such thing as a vegan diet, whether it is for 7 days, a monday to friday thing, or done before 6:00pm.

Veganism is a lifestyle choice, it is more than just food.

Animals are being killed for almost every aspect of human life not just food.

So, let’s get serious about it and call a spade a spade. If future fads, are only diet related, then they aren’t vegan, and we should call them by what they are. Vegetarian.

The most that we stand by and allow the enemy to water down what we stand for, the easier it is for them negate our position in the future.

Vegan is the only option.