Do We Need Another Animal Welfare Movie?

The vegan world is abuzz with Dominion fever. The sequel to the previous animal welfare movie that focused on pigs, Lucent.

This new documentary will feature high quality footage of our treatment of other animals. It also claims to feature footage never seen before in Australia.

Though the question should be asked, do we really need another treatment focused movie?

Don’t Traumatise Yourself

If you are already vegan, or about to go vegan, do yourself a favour and don’t see the movie.
If you are going to see it, what do you hope to gain by doing so?

If you want to support the film, director, location, animals, etc. Just give them your ticket.

Don’t put yourself through the trauma of seeing footage you don’t need to see.

Sure, you may be able to boast about it on facebook, and get a few selfies, though is the psychological trauma worth it?

Remember, this trauma may not show itself immediately, or if it does, may appear as something else. Like increased aggression, broken sleep, etc.

If you, or anyone you know is experiencing or thinks you are expereicngin the effects of trauma, please seek help.

What Will It Achieve?

What do you, the vegan, hope to achieve by going to see the film?

Do you want to maintain your rage against humanity?
If this is the case, then it probably isn’t a good idea that you go an see the movie. The last thing the ‘movement’ needs is more angry vegans.

Do you think it will cause people to think differently about where their food comes from?
It might, though if they are persuaded by the film, they are likely to be persuaded back again with a glossy MLA campaign.

Do you think it will get people to go vegan or reduce their consumption of animal (by) products?
It may, though remember, if they are swayed by a movie, they are most likely to be swayed by the next celebrity ad they see promoting animal products.

Treatment Is The Wrong Message

As with every other animal welfare movie before it, Dominion will likely be focusing on the way that other animals are treated.

There will be footage of practices that are deemed “cruel”, or cause animal “suffering”.

When these key words are used, it gives the animal ag industry an “out”, to dismiss what has happened. Practices can always be improved.

Once these practices are “improved”, the end product will become more expensive than it previously was.

A Safer Option For You

Instead of going to this movie, when don’t you curl up at home on a comfy chair or in bed, and read a good book about animal rights?

Tom Regan’s books are a good place to start.

Or, how about learning the motivators that cause people to change behaviours?

Those skills, if practiced and improved, will help you and the animals, long after the movie Dominion has been forgotten about.

UPDATED: 07 October 2018. Removed 3rd party ad code

2 thoughts on “Do We Need Another Animal Welfare Movie?”

  1. Seeing this movie (actually, the trailer was more than enough) was a turning point for me. Since then, my family and i have stopped eating all meat and fish. That was 8 months ago. We are now tackling our egg consumption and are soon to be 100% vegan. So, yes, I think documentaries like this can cause people to change for the long term.

    • That’s great to hear that you are changing your habits.

      You said yourself that you made the change after watching the trailer.

      Wouldn’t that, and more information to help you transition have been a better option?


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