From the weekend’s paper

There’s an interesting news report in Saturday’s paper and online.

A Gold Coast radio station appears to be in a little bit of hot water with the RSPCA over their stunt of tying 200 helium filled balloons to a piglet, in an attempt to get the poor animal to fly.  The RSPCA’s vet makes a comment that they wouldn’t do this to a puppy or a kitten, and the senior inspector from the RSCPA said the they would talk to radio station management and then decide if further action is necessary.

Is this how ineffective the RSCPA has become?

They are now guilty of their own hypocrisy. If the same stunt had have been done with a kitten or a puppy, I am sure that they would not hesitate in laying criminal charges against the people that planned it. Yet, here they are going to “talk” to the radio station about it. The senior inspector even goes as far to say that at the least they expect the station to make a full apology for the incident. What good is an apology going to do and what message does it send to others? You can do what ever you want, just say sorry and all will be ok…

This is what happens when you have a welfarist organisation put in the position of protecting the welfare of the states animals.  The laws are there, if the radio station broke the law, then they need to be prosecuted, just like anyone else would be. You don’t see the police investigating something, then telling the offender to say sorry and it will be ok, do you?

Now I understand that the RSPCA has limited funds for proescutions, and cannot take every matter to court, personally, I think this is where the government should step in. They created the animal care and protection act, they should be the ones that take them to court.

What are your thoughts?