Gateway To Hell Visits China Southern Airlines

On Monday August 5, 2013, eight activists claiming to be representatives of Gateway To Hell, stormed the Brisbane offices of China Southern Airlines in a bid to get the airline to stop transporting primates for use in vivisection.

The office invasion began with Lauren Taylor blowing an airhorn to announce their arrival with the other 6 activists, Shane Waett, Annelies Craig, Jennie Sakamoto, Kara Sanders, Gabrielle Davies Antney, and Linda McDowell  following close behind. Video footage was provided by Carol Slater.

For some reason these protestors seemed to believe that by creating the ruckus that they did in the Brisbane office, that this will somehow have an impact on the decisions made by the US and China offices.

Whilst the people protesting claim to be “Gateway To Hell”, it is obvious that they are the same people who are prominent and possibly influential members of Coast To Coast Animal Friends. This is despite the best attempts by Shane Waett trying to hide her face when the camera is near her.

As I have written in previous articles, Shane Waett and members of Coast To Coast Animal Friends have no hesitation in bullying and harassing members of the public and other activists, and Monday’s ‘protest’ could potentially represent a change of tactics for the group.

No longer being content with holding placards and shouting at people, or bullying them they have now resorted to trespass.

Of equal concern for those activists based in Queensland is that as most of us know Animal Liberation Queensland has partnered with Coast To Coast Animal Friends in the past when hosting and promoting events, so could this change of tack by Coast To Coast Animal Friends, be indicative of a similar change in tactics for Animal Liberation Queensland? Or could Animal Liberation Queensland be using these people as a ‘test’ to see what they can get away with in Brisbane?

Another thing that I would like to know is what these ‘protestors’ thought they could achieve by storming the offices of China Southern Airlines?

Was it to increase awareness of the plight of primates used in vivisection?
I highly doubt it, because no discussions were held with the individuals who were in the office at the time, they were only shouted at. Another point that is interesting to note is that primate account for approx 5% of beings used in vivisection.

[GARD]Was it to get China Southern Airlines to stop the transportation of primates?
I am sure that this is what they will claim, though as I asked at the top of this article, what makes them think that people in Brisbane would have any influence on the decisions made in either China or the United States?

Was it to open the eyes of the staff there to a more compassionate lifestyle?
Once again I highly doubt it as no information was handed over or left there. The staff, and possibly visitors to that office were just shouted at.

Something that is interesting to take note of if you watch the YouTube clip, are the attempts by Ms Waett to hide her face when the camera is near. For those who know how attention hungry Ms Waett is, this is surprising, though could it be that she is embarrassed by what she did, or could it be that she knows what she did was wrong?

Can change really be achieved by storming someone’s office, shouting at them and waving a placard?
If so, then why don’t we all storm Ms Waett’s and others who are part of Coast To Coast Animal Friends/’Gateway To Hell’s workplace shouting at them to get them to go vegan instead of ‘mostly vegetarian’?

Animal Liberation Queensland was contacted and have not commented, nor have they made any attempt to distance themselves from the behaviour of those involved.

14 August 2013:
The YouTube clip has been removed. Whether this is an admission of guilt or acknowledgement that they did something wrong is up to you to decide.

61 thoughts on “Gateway To Hell Visits China Southern Airlines”

  1. When “mostly vegetarians” participate in thoughtless and harmful “protests” such as this one, they don’t seem to understand the damage they’re doing and the harm they’re causing for advocates who are working hard to end the exploitation of ALL animals. 98% of the animals who are used by humans are used as “food” – by “mostly vegetarians” who seem to be drawn to “protests” such as this one.

  2. What makes this ‘protest’ is that after speaking to China Southern Airlines Australian head office today, Tuesday 13 August, I was told that the airline doesn’t transport primates, and hasn’t for some time.

    The person I spoke to was based in Sydney, and when I asked them about the Brisbane protest they told me that they were not aware of it.

    So much for making a difference…

    • The problem here Blewett is you!! ….you think your an intelligent man but your far from it….. I am an active vegan and animal advocate …. I have already seen your so called efforts through vegans united! All I see from you is constant undermining of other vegan groups trying to make yours look so much better….. It’s not working just so you know. Now as for your post above it seems your not only a Narcissist your also gullible! Do you honestly think they would say ” yeah we transport primates for vivisection.!” My god man grow up…… Worry about your own back yard instead of what’s happening In someone else’s…. I already told you that your not endearing people to your group.. Every time I read blogs and such why do I always see your name or that of your group…. You never have anything constructive to say… Wake up to yourself !. The word is out about vegans united and you Mr blew it !

        • So sorry…… Vegans unite …. Even my spell check has issues with you….

        • That’s it Cameron, Plausible deniability it works well for
          People who don’t
          Know who you actually are! You will make a great politician thats for sure.

        • I can assure you Kenscall that I have not been either now or in the past have I been part of Vegans Unite.

          Vegan Existence many years ago, and Vegan Agenda in recent times.

          It is up to you whether you believe me or not, though if someone is telling you otherwise, I would be double checking their ‘facts’.

    • Cameron Blewett, you should be ashamed of yourself. What on earth did you hope to achieve by posting such a vindictive post? I can’t decide whether you have a massive ego or are just plain stupid, either way real animal activists should stay well clear of you as you are dangerous and obviously can’t be trusted.

      • Hi Denise,
        Please rest assured that those who are ‘real’ animal activists have nothing to fear from me, it is only those who are doing things for their own self interest.

  3. What is this business about “mostly vegetarians” and what connection does it have in regards to an Anti-vivisection protest?

    • Sharnie,
      One of the people in that group is ‘mostly vegetarian’, and the connection that it has is that I believe it to be a tad hypocritical of someone who still consumes an animal product to be berating others who are also using animals, just in a different way.

      It might be worthwhile also pointing out that this was’t really an “anti-vivisection” protest, it was a protest about an airline that these people believe transported primates.

  4. Once again you sit in condemnation of anyone doing anything to draw attention to the abuse & suffering of animals. You do more harm than any one vegan I know. You sit in judgment of others when you should take a long hard look at yourself & your morals. Why don’t you dig a very very big hole & crawl the fuck into it

    • Sharron,
      Whilst I do thank you for your comment, I am a little bit concerned about it.

      Despite what yourself and others may think, I do not sit in condemnation of anyone doing anything to draw attention to the abuse and suffering of animals. If this is truly a major concern of yours, what about the abuse and suffering that those people in the offices of China Southern Airlines? How would you like it if someone came into your place of work, blasted an airhorn, and shouted a range of things at you, that you have no control over?

      I can assure you that my morals are intact with everything that I do.

      I will also take under advice your suggestion to dig a hole, and crawl into it. Once I do find a suitable piece of land, I will be seeking your help to dig the hole.

  5. That video is funny you have to admit. Especially at the start. Do you think they think their going into combat? No wonder some of them were hiding their faces.

  6. Mr Blewett, if your morals were intact, surely you would not be trying to condemn these girls, who are actually getting out and being proactive, rather than reactive! You apparently have a gripe against one of them in particular, I know that this is not the first time you have tried to drag her down.
    The fact that one of them is ‘mostly vegetarian’, as you put it – is irrelevant.
    Please, stop bagging others out..get out of your office and do something constructive.

    • Ms Perry,
      It does not appear that these females are being proactive. If they were indeed being proactive, they would be having discussions with people about veganism, and abstaining from the use of all animal products, not shouting at them and waving placards in their face.

      Being ‘mostly vegetarian’ is indeed relevant to what she is attempting to do.

      • Cameron just because you think that being proactive means ‘they would be having discussions with people about veganism’ is your opinion. They have chose to do what they believe to be right. Just because it isn’t something you would do doesn’t give you the right to try & publicly shame them.

        At the top of this page you note From all reports singlehandedly destroying veganism. By that statement I assume you have been told once or twice before that you are not all what you think you are.

        ‘We do not see things as they are we see things as we are’. The Talmud

        Please open your mind & your heart to others efforts Cameron & stop constantly finding fault in everything.

        • Sharron,
          They made a YouTube video of it, all I was doing was commenting on it. Sure I mentioned them by name, though any one in intelligence or the media would easily put names to faces.

          If you and those involved in the protest fully believe that they did the right thing, please tell me how it was measured as being a success for the animals? What would make it a less successful protest?

          Have those involved in these sorts of abusive protests thought that maybe what they are doing is hurting rather than helping the animals?

        • See Cameron…
          so many people have the same issue with you,
          have you realised that yet?
          surely you must realise that vegans are in the minority and your poor taste in comments undermine the entire movement.
          please keep your comments to yourself

        • Kenscall, one or two people making a negative comment against me doesn’t mean that a majority do.

          I regularly meet people who commend me for being one of the few people that is willing to stand up to the bullies within this movement.

          I also highly doubt that any comments I make will undermine the entire movement when compared to the actions of those in the YouTube clip.

  7. And you sitting on a computer criticizing others how is that helping the animals?

    • Sadly that was an expected response Sharron.

      It seems that everyone is quick to brand me as a trouble maker or whatever, yet they haven’t been able to prove me wrong, nor have they made any attempt to show me how what they have done or are doing is actually helping ‘the animals’.

      • You say ‘everyone is quick to brand me as a trouble maker’ but in a comment prior you state ‘one or two people making a negative comment against me doesn’t mean that a majority do’.

        Does everyone have issues with your approach or only one or two?

        • Sharron,

          My apologies for confusing you there, I should have said that a handful of people are quick to brand me as a trouble maker with everyone else jumping on the bandwagon.

          There are two people who are admins of a number of facebook groups who bullying people into silence, a remove me from the group claiming that I am this, that or the other thing, yet failing to point out to me where any comments that I have made were incorrect.

          I am discovering that more and more people are supportive of my approach because I have the guts to stand up and say what needs to be said rather than be bullied into submission.

      • You must be completely clueless Cameron, you are one of the bullies you mentioned….. You have named people!!!!! How is that constructive???? You are on a smear campaign that much is clear..attempting to discredit any individual or group that’s doesn’t share your point of view!! I’ve sat on my hands reading the crap you write for long enough… my opinion you are no better than the people who exploit these poor primates !!!! …. An intelligent man would learn from all these posts that your comments are not appreciated, warrented or needed.

        • Ken,
          Despite what you may think or have been told, I am not clueless, nor am I bullying anyone. Sure I named people, though please remember that these individuals mentioned who they are first of all, not me.

          I would also like to assure you that I am not going on a smear campaign against any individual(s) or group(s). If I were, I would be spreading all sorts of gossip and lies, and making things up as I go along. Except I am not, I am asking questions about the activities they make public. None of which have been answered by anyone.

          If you have indeed had enough of the crap that I write, please show me where I am wrong or have made mistakes, and I will gladly correct them. Until that time, it is you sir, who are guilty of being a bully by attempting to silence me through your comments and incorrect information.

          At least I have the courage to stand up to people and use my real name in what I write.

  8. It seems to me that you spend a hell of a lot of time at your computer critisising others Mr Blewett. Personally, I don’t agree with your term, ‘mostly vegetarian’. Either one IS a vegetarian or one ISN’T a vegetarian, there is no in between. Oh, and speaking of double checking facts, you may want to do a little more research on CSA and the fact that they ARE still transporting primates for vivisection. As recently as last week, in fact.

    • Ms Perry,
      I think that the time that I spend at a computer is irrelevant.

      The term ‘mostly vegetarian’ is used because that is how one of the individuals described themselves.

  9. I don’t understand why you would insult these activists. I truly don’t. And mentioning their names? Unforgiveable. These people are trying to make a difference. That is what being a true activist is all about. Not condemning each other. Im so shocked by you that I don’t know what else to say except YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.

  10. Firstly I would like to say that I entered the movement 8+ years ago with similar ideas to you. So called ‘militant’ protests made no sense and a more calm educating way seemed more appropriate. However it has become clear that only a proportion of people are capable of being educated. The majority know what is going on and just do not care. The statistically insignificant numbers vegan education changes has little or no impact on the government subsidised meat industry in terms of numbers of animals killed.

    On the other hand disruptive protests have a proven track record of success. Look at the types of protests that have led other airlines such as China Eastern and Air Vietnam to pull out. You say this type of protest at a local office cannot succeed but it has before, look at the history of Gateway to Hell. Also look at the reason given by the shipping companies for not transporting lab animals, they stated they had seen before what animal rights were capable of – referring to the disruptive blockades of UK ports due to live exports. So this stuff works and that’s why people do it!

    • Aran,
      Just because a particular tactic is used overseas doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work here in Australia.

      What did the protest in Brisbane accomplish, and how did it benefit the huge numbers of animals that are killed for food in this country every week? Or what about those primates, rats, mice, dogs, etc that are bred in this country for vivisection?

      • These tactics work worldwide.

        A single protest does nothing but many protests lead to change.

        • Aran,
          You must be right. I am sure that after the nation-wide protests that Australia saw regarding live export, that the practice has stopped. And that I must have been dreaming the other day when I read an article about new market for live cattle.

          Or what about he worldwide “Occupy” protests? I am sure they brought about more honesty and transparency in the banking/finance industry.

          Protests do not work in Australia. If they did Anna Bligh wouldn’t have sold Qld’s assets, Live Export would be finished, and there wouldn’t be any animals used in circuses.

          All of the above had many protests which resulted in zero change.

          So, please tell me again how protests work in Australia?

  11. I can’t believe you have gone far beyond the role of police, by naming the activists and linking their names to their facebook profiles… How sad you must feel…

    • Massimo,
      I was not the one who made a video recording of the ‘protest’, nor was I the one who posted the footage on YouTube, nor was I the one who posted it on Facebook tagging all those who were involved in it.

      All I did was make a comment regarding how ineffective the ‘protest’ was, and that it is becoming indicative of the bullying behaviour of activists and groups in Queensland.

  12. What a spiteful individual you are. Blew it is such an apt name, it perfectly describes your credibility mate. So, who do you *really* work for then, and is your middle name ‘snitch’?

  13. God what a bunch of sooks you all are. No wonder the movement is dying a natural death. Full of spiteful sooks who feel free to berate someone for posting the truth, but ignore others who claim to be fighting for the cause whilst they themselves bully and harass. Clowns walked into my building blowing airhorns and chanting crap they would have had a detrimental affect on any work I had done to educate people about becoming vegan. Maybe these clowns need to learn more about effective education as opposed to be mindlessly directed by overseas redneck campaign tactics that have no place here in australia. Attacking the middle man is pointless. The airline would have no idea what the animals are being used for, nor would they have any influence. It is purely commercial and if they don’t do it someone else would. How about focusing your attention on the supplier and the end user. Seems pretty simple to me and for an group of obviously simple people I thought that would be a no brainer for you all.

    • Your as miss informed as mr blew it! It has nothing to do with being a sook as you so eloquently put it…, my friend is about people having the right to fight for animal rights in their own way…. Mr blew it has proclaimed himself a policeman for the vegan community it would seem and people are fighting back…. Most, have different ways in which they ” fight the fight” so to speak …… It’s not for me to condem the way in which you choose if In fact you do at all! It quit obvious mr blew it was never taught ” if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all!” Oh and one last thing, you must be living under a rock if you think the movement is dying! It’s stronger than ever with people converting to veganisim everyday……. It’s not going to die all the time people are prepared to fight for animal rights.

  14. Difficult to fight for animal rights in jail, which is where these uneducated acts put people. Fight for animal rights but maybe exercise some brain power first. Anyone in that bulding or even the company who was considering going vegan now thinks we are all a bunch of whistleblowing knuckles who trespass on peoples property and bully them into conforming. Not a good look at all…..hence why the video has been removed off youtube i suspect…..lightbulb!!!

    • See miss informed brisvegan …the video was removed by the owners because of the terrorist effort of Cameron Blewett !!

      • Ken,
        I think Brisvegan hit the nail on the head when they said that the clip was removed because they realise they did something wrong. Though it seems to me that you are the one that is misinformed here.

        I was not the one who abused the staff at China Southern Airlines.
        Nor was I the one who tagged everyone in a facebook status update.
        Nor was I the person or part of the group that entered an office announcing that “we are gateway to hell”

        So, please explain to me how what I did was a terrorist effort?

        And just to clarify things, please read this piece.

        • Are you sure you are an activist? From what I’ve seen I’m sure your really a comedian …it’s hilarious you still don’t get it!… Now you and I have mixed words on this subject for a couple of days now…. I have explained myself over and over again…. What is so hard to understand? The truth here is you don’t like what transpired at China Southern Airlines and your ego won’t let it go! From this whole debacle you have only had one person sort of side with you! I’m not complaining because at least with both of you occupied here, your leaving everyone else alone… Now, I’ll say this slowly so both you and your learned friend can understand!! The video was removed because of the controversy you you made it mr blew it!!!! And not because you are correct but because you have taken away from the fact someone had the guts to stand up and be counted…. Now my friends, this is fact!!!! I suggest in future you choose more carefully the the stories you attempt to destroy… There are other forums better suited to your style of ,”in the gutter
          Journalism!” As a matter of interest I have shown this message thread to colleagues of mine and it was found unanimous… We are all baffled you don’t understand the big picture….maybe I should have written my response in Latin, maybe then you would understand…. Please do yourself, activism and everyone a favor, learn to be constructive not destructive…. Oh and a psychologist…. Narcissistic Personality Disorder can be controlled … So you will be able to assimilate into society, process shame and all that… At worse it will assist in adjusting your poor attitude and deflating your huge ego to an acceptable level….have an awesome day.

        • Ken,
          I highly doubt that the video was removed because I drew attention it. Other organisations that have done similar things have left the footage up despite the attention it receives.

          As I have said before, I have a feeling that it was removed because one of those involved realised that they did the wrong thing or are embarrassed about it.

          Thank you for your internet diagnosis of me supposedly having Narcissistic Personality Disorder, all based on what is written here, heresay and gossip. I seriously think that you have missed your calling in life, and if you were to develop a website, you could give Dr Phil a run for his money.

          Once again, in all of this muck raking that yourself and others have engaged in, not one of you have answered any of the questions that I have asked regarding the ‘protest’.

          Could it be that no one actually knows how to answer them, or what the questions are actually asking?

  15. Simply Mr Bowler what they did was ILLEGAL and any intelligent individual would know that. Perhaps you need to fix up the spelling on your facebook page first before commenting further.

    Look forward to the airline taking legal action, be far more entertaining than watching the current political debacle.

    • Now that’s funny…… Since when has spelling on a wall got anything to do with this….. You and mr blew it have taken away from what this is all about…’s about people doing something for animal activism… It is of no consequence what you think and really very sad…. You call yourselves vegans and you wish your fellow vegans have legal action taken against them….. It’s truly is a sad sad day when you two take it
      upon yourselves to destroy the very movement you say you advocate….. You should be ashamed to call yourself vegans….. You are both are pathetic individuals !

      • Mr Bowler,
        I agree that this is about people doing something for animal activism, and that is the wrong thing.

        I will ask once again, how did this ‘protest’ benefit ANY animals, let alone the primates that they were allegedly protesting on behalf of?

        I would also like to know what gives you the authority to tell me that I should be ashamed to call myself vegan?

        • Do you really need me to explain that yet again? Vaganisum and animal rights….. That’s what we all fight for.. Correct? You have taken it on yourself to bully a group because you don’t agree with the way in which they protested.. When I say, you should be ashamed, you should! Vegans against vegans!!! Well thanks Mr Blewett you have changed the rules now…… Maybe everyone should run future action by you first just to make sure it’s ok? Leave people alone to do what they think is right…. Your not the vegan police so stop acting that way……. If someone commits a crime in the name of animal liberation the law will sort that out not you!! Need I remind you that Gary yourofsky has been arrested numerous times in the name of animal liberation….. Are you going to write a blog about how wrong he is? My 6 year old even understands this better than you appear to …

        • Mr Bowler,
          I will ask once again, how did this ‘protest’ benefit ANY animals, let alone the primates that they were allegedly protesting on behalf of?

          The events of last Monday did nothing to liberate ANY animal so I am baffled as to how you think that is what it was done in the name of.

          By your own methodology, you should be leaving me alone because I believe that I am right in questioning the alleged effectiveness of those who claim to be ‘doing something’.

          When discussing this whole saga a friend made the following comment.
          “doing something” implies that something is actually getting done. What they’re “doing” is participating in an activity – nothing more than that!

          Still waiting for someone, anyone to answer the questions I have repeatedly asked.

        • Your question has already been answered! Aran answered the other day….Ill add their message to the bottom just in case you haven’t seen it yet….I have already answered as well, over and over and quite frankly I’m tired of explaining this to you….. There is no right and wrong way when it comes to activism ……. Gary Yourofsky uses a hands on approach, some like yourself would advocate towards education…just because you seem to have an axe to grind in regards to the hands on approach doesn’t make it wrong…. Does it really matter? All I’m saying to you is stop bagging the efforts of other people, we are all advocates for animal rights. Any effort made no matter who small or insignificant it seems is still a tick in the box for animal rights… You my friend undermine the entire movement with your negative comments!!

          Aran August 13, 2013 at 22:49

          Firstly I would like to say that I entered the movement 8+ years ago with similar ideas to you. So called ‘militant’ protests made no sense and a more calm educating way seemed more appropriate. However it has become clear that only a proportion of people are capable of being educated. The majority know what is going on and just do not care. The statistically insignificant numbers vegan education changes has little or no impact on the government subsidised meat industry in terms of numbers of animals killed.

          On the other hand disruptive protests have a proven track record of success. Look at the types of protests that have led other airlines such as China Eastern and Air Vietnam to pull out. You say this type of protest at a local office cannot succeed but it has before, look at the history of Gateway to Hell. Also look at the reason given by the shipping companies for not transporting lab animals, they stated they had seen before what animal rights were capable of – referring to the disruptive blockades of UK ports due to live exports. So this stuff works and that’s why people do it

        • Mr Bowler,
          Arran did not answer the question that I asked. All they did was claim that they have a proven track record of success instead of actually showing me where they have been successful in Australia. Remember, this is what I am talking about. Things that happen here, not overseas.

          And for the record, I have never said that I have an axe to grind regarding the ‘hands on approach’. What I do have a problem with is those people who claim to be doing ‘something’ without any concern about the negative impact that it may have.

          This time I have included the questions that I asked below:

          What did these ‘protestors’ think they could achieve by storming the offices of China Southern Airlines?
          Was it to increase awareness of the plight of primates used in vivisection?
          Was it to get the airline to stop transporting primates?
          Was it to open the eyes of the staff and visitors there to adopt a more compassionate lifestyle?
          How did that one benefit the primates that you are all supposed to be campaigning on behalf of?
          What metrics were used to measure if it was successful?
          Have any follow up meetings/discussions been held with the airline?
          On what information caused the Brisbane office to be targeted?
          How did you discover that the Brisbane office has influence on the cargo that is transported to or from China and the US?

  16. I cant believe how vindictive Brisvegan and Mr Blewett is..
    We all stick together as Vegans and support each other..
    It doesnt matter how we do our own actavism.. We all want the same thing.
    And to joke about them getting legal action taking is just terrible!
    I had no idea their were Vegan Police , pushing other Vegans around.
    This is a sad day.

    • Yes we do want the same thing, an end to the exploitation of other animals.

      What I have a huge issue with is the belief that people have that anything is doing something.

      Maybe you could answer the questions that I have repeatedly asked without resorting to the insults.

  17. Its good to bring attention to the activitys of these airlines.
    These types of strong protests have worked in the past so this is something worth doing.
    Hopefully we will see an end to it resulting from this protest.
    Plus someone has already answered to your question above.
    Please stop policing other peoples ideas

    • Yes, it is good to bring attention to situations such as the airlines transporting animals, though why just stop there? When will this group be holding a protest at the establishments in Queensland that actually do experiment on other animals?

      And, no the questions I asked have not been answered.

      If I have to stop policing other people’s ideas, when are you going to stop policing mine? You can’t have it both ways.


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