Gateway To Hell Visits China Southern Airlines

On Monday August 5, 2013, eight activists claiming to be representatives of Gateway To Hell, stormed the Brisbane offices of China Southern Airlines in a bid to get the airline to stop transporting primates for use in vivisection.

The office invasion began with Lauren Taylor blowing an airhorn to announce their arrival with the other 6 activists, Shane Waett, Annelies Craig, Jennie Sakamoto, Kara Sanders, Gabrielle Davies Antney, and Linda McDowell  following close behind. Video footage was provided by Carol Slater.

For some reason these protestors seemed to believe that by creating the ruckus that they did in the Brisbane office, that this will somehow have an impact on the decisions made by the US and China offices.

Whilst the people protesting claim to be “Gateway To Hell”, it is obvious that they are the same people who are prominent and possibly influential members of Coast To Coast Animal Friends. This is despite the best attempts by Shane Waett trying to hide her face when the camera is near her.

As I have written in previous articles, Shane Waett and members of Coast To Coast Animal Friends have no hesitation in bullying and harassing members of the public and other activists, and Monday’s ‘protest’ could potentially represent a change of tactics for the group.

No longer being content with holding placards and shouting at people, or bullying them they have now resorted to trespass.

Of equal concern for those activists based in Queensland is that as most of us know Animal Liberation Queensland has partnered with Coast To Coast Animal Friends in the past when hosting and promoting events, so could this change of tack by Coast To Coast Animal Friends, be indicative of a similar change in tactics for Animal Liberation Queensland? Or could Animal Liberation Queensland be using these people as a ‘test’ to see what they can get away with in Brisbane?

Another thing that I would like to know is what these ‘protestors’ thought they could achieve by storming the offices of China Southern Airlines?

Was it to increase awareness of the plight of primates used in vivisection?
I highly doubt it, because no discussions were held with the individuals who were in the office at the time, they were only shouted at. Another point that is interesting to note is that primate account for approx 5% of beings used in vivisection.

[GARD]Was it to get China Southern Airlines to stop the transportation of primates?
I am sure that this is what they will claim, though as I asked at the top of this article, what makes them think that people in Brisbane would have any influence on the decisions made in either China or the United States?

Was it to open the eyes of the staff there to a more compassionate lifestyle?
Once again I highly doubt it as no information was handed over or left there. The staff, and possibly visitors to that office were just shouted at.

Something that is interesting to take note of if you watch the YouTube clip, are the attempts by Ms Waett to hide her face when the camera is near. For those who know how attention hungry Ms Waett is, this is surprising, though could it be that she is embarrassed by what she did, or could it be that she knows what she did was wrong?

Can change really be achieved by storming someone’s office, shouting at them and waving a placard?
If so, then why don’t we all storm Ms Waett’s and others who are part of Coast To Coast Animal Friends/’Gateway To Hell’s workplace shouting at them to get them to go vegan instead of ‘mostly vegetarian’?

Animal Liberation Queensland was contacted and have not commented, nor have they made any attempt to distance themselves from the behaviour of those involved.

14 August 2013:
The YouTube clip has been removed. Whether this is an admission of guilt or acknowledgement that they did something wrong is up to you to decide.