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From The Desk of Cameron Blewett

Tuesday, 1st May 2018

⇒ Imagine having an over-the-shoulder look at the successes and failures of what works and doesn’t work in vegan advocacy?

⇒ How much time and frustration would you save yourself if you knew not only what was working, but just as important, what WASN’T working.

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Dear Friend,

We need to talk.

If you spend any time talking to people about veganism or animal rights, this memo could likely be the most important collection of documents you’ll ever read.

I’m going to tell you what’s in them here in a minute…

But First — Read This Disclaimer

PLEASE understand that my results are not typical. I’m not even implying that you’ll duplicate them (or do anything at all for that matter).

The average person who buys any ‘how to’ information doesn’t do anything and they don’t get any results.

I’m using the references below for example purposes only.

That means your results will vary depending on many factors …including your background, experience, and of course your work ethic.

ALL activism entails risk as well as massive & consistent effort and action.

If you’re not willing to accept that, please read no further.

With that said, let me jump right in and show you:


There is no doubt that interest in veganism and animal rights is growing every day.

There is also no denying that there is a fair amount of confusion about what veganism and animal rights is actually about.

Interest in veganism and animal rights is growing every day.

With this growing interest comes the temptation to do anything and everything that promotes veganism.

And view that as good for “the movement” believing that it all helps “the animals”.

Thanks to social media, we are now focused on being “seen” to be doing something, rather than actually do things things to promote a better understanding of the plight of other animals and what it means to be vegan.

This is why I have launched THE GAZETTE

To help you to improve your advocacy and understanding of animal rights.

Every month the Gazette will contain:

  • Discussion on an animal rights related topic
  • A skill to practice to improve your advocacy
  • 300 word PLR article for your own blog
  • Template article for you to fill out, and have guest published
  • Hits and misses from the past month

From the day you join, and for the next 12 months, you will get a step by step plan on how to build your own presence online.

Even if you haven’t done anything before.

Some of the things we cover are:

Why you need to start a blog. Also going into the pros and cons of each platform. (Month 1).

Identifying your target market. (Month 2)

Creating your “about” page. (Month 3)

Monetising your site. Why you should, and how to do it. (Month 5)

Writing a book, even if you don’t think you are an author (Month 12)


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