Global warming is a good thing.

The government is now telling us that global warming is a good thing for us because it will help the farmers.

According to the site:

The increase in carbon dioxide will help the farmers grow the crops that they have. Carbon dioxide is an essential part of the growth of young seedlings. The more Co2 that is present when the seedlings are growing the better and bigger the plants grow.

The bad thing about global warming is that it will cause problems for the animals that are being farmed. For example, the warmer a cow gets, the less milk that the cow will be able to produce. Some lab coats have stated that by 2030, the poor cows will be producing 60-90Litres less milk per year. Whether this means that there will be more cows crammed into the same area wasn’t stated.

A suggestion that is raised in the article, is the farmers keep animals in sheds with sprinklers and fans, rather than roaming free outside.

I just wonder how this line of thinking fits in with the new governments way. After all, the new Prime Minister was pretty quick to fly off to sign Kyoto, that isn’t really worth the paper that it is printed on.

What are your thoughts?