Hunting causes heart attacks…

Here is another reason for those “conservationists” who go deer hunting to quit. A study at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oaks, Michigan, reported in the American Journal of Cardiology 15 July 2007. Has found that hunting can cause heart attacks.
Now I am just wondering what more proof these people need that any sort of hunting is not a sport, and that it is not only fatal to the unfortunate hunted, it is to the hunter aswell. If man is the natural hunter that hunters and fisherman claim he is, then why do we need rifles and boats to get our prey?

If hunting satisfies some sort of “primal urge” that I have heard as an excuse. Go dress in a loin cloth, take a trip to Africa and run around with a spear. Or, if you can’t afford the rip to Africa, go and do it in the Australian Outback.

For those hunters that like to go out on their annual pilgramage hunting wild pigs, kangaroos or whatever, if the desire to hunt and kill something is that strong in you. Why don’t you all go and join the military, where you can hunt and play with guns to you little old hearts content?
Oh that’s right, it’s not fun if the target of your hunt can shoot back is it?

What gives anyone the right to decide how another sentient being is going to live or die?

With all the excuses and “reasons” that I have heard from hunters over the ast few decades, I am yet to hear one that makes sense. These people are hypocrites, and when using the same reasoning that they give to go hunting back towards them, they tend to get a little annoyed.

Then again, I suppose this is what is so good about being a human on this planet. We can decide on a whim, whether any one of the thousands of other species of animals lives or dies on any given day.