If It’s Not OK For Whales, Why Is It OK For Other Animals

A bit of a warning there are some graphic descriptions in this post that may upset some readers.

Continuing on from my Sea Shepherd post on CameronBlewett.com.au I came across an interesting opinion piece in Brisbane’s Courier-Mail

Jane Fynes-Clinton threw her voice into the chorus of people who have decided to make a comment about the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and ICR Whaling vessel clashes this year, and in particular the antics of the 3 Australian activists who boarded the Japanese ship, Shonan Maru No.2.

What is interesting is that whilst she admits that whaling is wrong and something that cannot be justified, Ms Fynes-Clinton added  the giant mammals don’t stand a chance as they are chased, stalked and mown down by men in boats with brutal weapons.

This is what fascinates me about some people. Why is it not unaceptable to kill whales, yet it is totally acceptable to kill other animals in a far worse manner.

Now don’t think for a minute that I am condoning the killing of whales, I am pointing out a little bit of hypocrisy with the whole argument.

How about the poor cattle that are killed because some of us still live in the dark ages thinking that we need animal protein to survive?

Some of these animals spend their days out in the paddock, and then when it comes time for them to be killed they are crammed into trailers or carriages sideways and in so tight that they cannot move around with little or no shelter. The floor of these carriages, if it hasn’t been cleaned out prior, is quickly covered in excrement. And they are kept this way for hours on end.

Depending on what they are to be sold off as, some are kept on the feed lots for 100 days so they can be sold off as grain fed meat. The others are herded into the slaughterhouse along ramps to the killing room where they are pushed into a processing crate to be stunned by a bolt to head. This process is supposed to render these animals senseless to pain, yet if the stunner is inexperienced or missed or is under pressure to keep things moving sometimes things don’t quite go to plan. This means that the animal regains consciousness somewhere between being kicked out of the stunning crate, having a chain wrapped around one of it’s hind legs and being hoisted up to have it’s throat cut. Can you imagine how terrifying that is for the animal?

Cattle are only one species of animal that are killed in a brutal way not too dissimilar to the way that whales are killed. Let’s not forget that Kangaroos are killed in a far brutal manner with their joey’s having their head smashed against a rock or other hard surface.

Really the only solution to all of this is to take the first step and go vegan. That way you know you are doing your best to avoid the killing of ANY non-human animal, not just whales or cows.

What are your thoughts?