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When Francionists Get It Wrong

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Head in Hands
Photo Credit: Alex E. Proimos via Compfight cc

I have a sneaky feeling that it is draft time in Camp Francione, and the inner sanctum need to prove their worth.

Lest they get tapped on the shoulder and hear that dreaded line, “You are the weakest link. Goodbye”.

Why else would there be a succession of disguised worship pieces on

The really embarrassing bit is when even Francione doesn’t understand his own work.

New Welfarist Fantasy

For those who came in late, there is no such thing as a “new welfarist”.

This is a term that Gary Francione made up to otherise and denigrate those who do not subscribe to his theory.

Fancione knows that the terms ‘protectionist’ or ‘regulationist’ conjure up more positive feeling with the audience than an “abolitionist approachist”.

A “new welfarist” is a group or person who promotes increase regulation of animal industries to lead to veganism.

Or, anyone who disagrees, or not Francione approved as a certified follower of the “abolitionist approach”.

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An “old welfarist” would be those groups that do not have veganism as an end goal, and simply want other animals treated better.

An example, of an old welfarist groups would be a Trap-Neuter-Release program. This is because they do not understand animal rights, or promote veganism as an end goal.

An example of a new welfarist group would be Animal Liberation Queensland.

Where It Gets Embarrassing

With those definitions in mind, and understanding that it is a made up term. Meaning the definition can change, depending on the narrative.

Could HSUS be labelled as a new welfarist organisation?

No. They can’t be.

Yet, this is exactly what the Grumpy Old Vegans, Frances McCormack and Alan O’Reilly in their latest puff piece.

Gary L Francione, called it an excellent essay.

I guess that means that he doesn’t understand his own theory.

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Confusion Isn’t The Only Problem

Labeling HSUS a new welfarist organisation could be dismissed as an oversight.

Except it goes far deeper than that.

The authors and Francione, are promoting Trap-Neuter-Release campaigns.

At the bottom of the McCormack/O’Reilly article is the following disclaimer

Screenshot (24-05-16, 10-05-47)

This is definately NOT a Francione approved activity.

Primarily because they don’t promote veganism as THE moral baseline.

A Mutiny Is Required

Devout followers of Francione would be aware of his guilt by association methodology.

What this means is that Gary Francione is no longer suitable as the leader of the abolitionist approach movement.

Neither are Frances McCormack and Alan O’Reilly.

Therefore it is left to those folding-table activists to overthrow the inner sanctum of Camp Francione.

A mutiny is the only thing that will keep Camp Francione pure and full of evangelistic converts to His message.

Failing to do so will set it on a slippery path that will see the “buy my book” button replaced with “donate now”.

The Other Option

If mutiny seems a tad extreme, there is another less painful option.

That is to completely reject the abolitionist approach as part of any grass roots vegan education.

If the inner sanctum don’t follow or understand the sacred text, what hope is there for anyone else?

What are you waiting for?

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Once Again Sam, You’ve Got It Wrong

Cameron, author of with Holly from Farm Animal Rescue
Cameron, author of with Holly from Farm Animal Rescue
I never thought I would see the day where I actually agreed with something that Sam Trethewey says when he is bagging out animal 'activists' and vegans, though that is exactly what has happened with his latest article, Pulped fiction hurts farmers. Just like Mr Trethewey, I too find it sad when people make decisions about what to eat or not to eat based on assumptions or skewed information about agricultural production. And, It’s hard for people to determine the difference between information that is universally true and that which confirms their bias or values – but even with that in mind, it must take a brain devoid of inquisitiveness to shift ingrained behaviour like eating habits to suit a belief based on misinformation and no personal experience. Though that is about all where I can agree with him. In his scathing attack on Sam de Brito's, Confessions of a vegan, Trethewey is just guilty of the exact same level of self righteousness and ignorance that he has levelled at de Brito. As much as Mr Trethewey would like to deny it, ALL animal 'farming' in Australia is factory farming. It is just that some is more 'intensive' than others. Read More
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Animal Liberation Queensland Gives Up On Other Animals.

Photo Credit: Rainer Hungershausen via Flickr cc
Photo Credit: Rainer Hungershausen via Flickr cc
If you aren't a greyhound, don't expect much help or a campaign out of the Queensland branch of the Animal Liberation franchise. In what has to be the worst case of dropping the 'animal rights' ball that this author has ever seen, Animal Liberation Queensland seems to be single-mindedly focusing on feebly attempting to stop the proposed greyhound track at Underwood in Queensland's Logan Shire. Despite being having the words "Animal Liberation" in their name, and having as part of their objective "To abolish man's attitude of speciesism towards animals", the group has forsaken all others to get a bit of publicity around greyhounds. This single campaign to them is that important that they passed on footage, anonymously given to them, to another organisation for them to use, rather than use it themselves. Now whilst I think it is great that they are sharing footage with other organisations outside of the franchise, I personally think it was a wasted opportunity for them to promote veganism. Something that would have benefited ALL animals. Read More
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Logan Greyhounds. NIMBY Or Genuine Concern?

12485233_sThe news of the green light being given to the proposed greyhound track at Underwood has seen a flurry of movement from a large number of animal protection groups. There is a billboard sign on the M1 at Shailer Park protesting the "killing of greyhounds for gambling", Animal Liberation Queensland has an e-petition registered with the Qld gov, and I am sure there will be a protest or two organised in the coming weeks/months. Read More
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Will Another Protest Stop Live Export?

If you are reading this on Monday morning, and are quick enough, you might be able to take part in the combined Animal Liberation Queensland and Animal Justice Party protest at PM Kevin Rudd's Morningside office. This protest is to support an activist who has traveled around the countryside and collect a large number of letters. Whilst full marks go to the activist for doing this, I do have some grave concerns about the timing and the organisations putting it together. My concerns begin with whether Animal Liberation Queensland is actually doing anything to liberate other animals, or promote themselves. Then there is the fledgling Animal Justice party that people are jumping up to support as if voting for this political party is going to magically release all animals from oppression. Then there is the question as to why do it now? As most of those living in Australia will know, there is a federal election due on September 7. This means that the government is in caretaker mode, and nothing much can be done in the way of new legislation. So much for his promised Inspector-General of Animal Welfare and Live Animal Exports. Read More