Income Report: July 2018


Gazette Subs: $52.00

Adsense: $NIL

Affiliate: $0

Ads: $0


Email: $0

Hosting: $5.00


It has been a while since I published an income report, and thought that it was time for another one.

Since the last report, I have lost Adsense monetisation. Google has claimed that I breached their guidelines, and cancelled the account. The cancellation was appealed, though as is usually the case with Google, their word is law. The breach was due to “invalid click activity”.

Doing a bit more research on the breach, it appears that it is a common reason that is given when Google cancel accounts.

Now that Google Adsense has been taken away from me, there are other options that I am looking at for displaying ads. So, we will see how they go.

Had a few subscribers to the Gazette for July, and they will be given complementary subscription from August onwards.

That’s about it for this report. I hope to have a more detailed one in August.