Is The Animal Movement Still In Motion, Or Has It Come To A Grinding Halt?

What are your thoughts on the Animal Rights/Vegan movement?

What sort of inroads are being made into reducing the amount of animal products consumed, and the ways that other animals are exploited?

It seems that all those individuals and organisations who are in a position to make a difference seem to be doing the opposite, or distracting everyone from what is really happening.

Those of us who are concerned about the plight of other animals are fast approaching the eleventh hour if we want to do something about their exploitation and use.

Animals Australia

Here is an organisation that has a huge advertising budget, is able to influence a vast number of people yet has deceived just as many with their flying pig and ban live export campaigns.

Live Export:
Right from the start of this campaign, it was focused more on the race and religion of the countries in question than it was about the actual use of animals.

It also seems a little bit strange that if a farmer wants to export the animals overseas, thanks to ESCAS, every part of the supply chain is the responsibility of the exporter. Yet if this same farmer wants to have their property killed domestically, all they have to do is have a look in the yellow pages for a transport company, feedlot and slaughterhouse, or just send them to a saleyard, and that is it.

It is as if Australian slaughterhouses have some sort of platinum standard in the way that they ‘process’ animals.

No Ban, No Vote:
As catchy and effective as this may be this campaign is nothing more than an attempt by The Australian Greens to legitimise their own political efforts, and make up for past mistakes.

Factory Farming:
This has to be the biggest con that has been pulled on the Australian consumer. Despite what Animals Australia will have you believe, all animals that are bred for human consumption are raised in a factory farm, just some are more intensive than others.

Being Vegan:
In their attempt to appeal to a broader range of consumers, Animal Australia has effectively denounced being vegan in the recently published “What is Animals Australia’s ‘hidden’ agenda?” page.

And yet, there is still a large number of vegans who have virtually pledged their undying support and allegiance to Animals Australia.

Animal Liberation Queensland

As I have written previously, pretty much everything that this organisation puts it’s name to is done in an attempt to increase their own profile.

ALQ jumps up and down about circuses, even going so far as to organise a protest, mind you only because a different group had organised one previously getting media exposure, and ALQ wasn’t going to let this group to steal their limelight.

Since the protest on the Gold Coast in March of this year, and despite a number of circus shows being put on by different promoters, things have been rather quiet on the ALQ front.

Then again, maybe they have all been busy doing the required CASA courses to legally operate the UAV that they purchased with other Animal Liberation groups. Well, I would hope so, especially considering that it was purchased in March of this year. I do shudder to think that they have spent their limited and hard earned donations on something they either haven’t used, or had their people trained on yet.

Animals Australia:
As a vegan organisation, it surprises me that they haven’t distanced themselves from Animals Australia’s “Why we are not a ‘vegan organisation'”.

Then again, maybe Animal Liberation Queensland isn’t a vegan organisation either, and only said that they are to gain a few more supporters.

Being Vegan
With the point mentioned above, and that they don’t really seem to be doing anything to actually promote being vegan – even going as far as evicting those who are promoting veganism from a public movie screening.

Sure, they may say that they are vegan because they do not promote the consumption of animal products, which is the same thing that Animals Australia has said too. Though by telling or suggesting that people buy free range, organic or happy whatever, they are promoting the consumption of animal products.

Sadly, it isn’t only organisations that are hoodwinking unsuspecting animal advocates, there are a few individuals doing that too, which is something that I may discuss in future pieces.

Maybe it is time to do what a wet dog does and have a good shake of the movement, go back to our roots and turn the focus back onto those who we are supposed to be advocating on behalf of.

The Animals.


1 thought on “Is The Animal Movement Still In Motion, Or Has It Come To A Grinding Halt?”

  1. Sadly I don’t know that I have any positive comment to add to this discussion, I believe the answer to the turmoil of the vegan movement in Australia lies with the very culture in Australia. The culture that has been encouraged in Australia, as a whole, is one of individualism and in a sense, capitalistic competition, so then, why would we expect those in the vegan movement to think any differently? The way to show success in such a culture is to ‘get ahead’ often at all costs, and to beat the competition, lest they beat you first. These are the traits I look at in most of the ‘big names’. The fractious relationships between groups are simply a mirror of the society the groups are imbedded in. Where can one’s energy be used best? Fighting those within that wish to keep the fight going? Or changing direction and joining others that are ready to receive such energy towards the actual point of the fight in the first place, the discontinuance of animal use and abuse?


What are your thoughts?