Japanese show their contempt for Australian law

There are reports in todays media that the Japanese are going to commission another “factory ship” to replace the Nisshin Maru.

Reports are that the new ship would be 3 times the size of the Nisshin Maru, and capable of carrying 6000 tonnes of whale meat. This would mean that regardless of what happens at the next IWC conference, that the Japanese will still be going ahead with their lethal loophole “research”. Does this also mean that Japan has already bought the votes of the countries that it can exert economic influence over. The next meeting is supposed to be held in March of this year, and strangely enough, to discuss the future of the IWC itself.

What will happen next year in the Southern Oceans?

Japan has already labeled the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society “eco-terrorists”. Does that mean that in their eyes that they will be justified in sending one of their “self-defence” ships to protect it? Sea Shepherd has reported that the Steve Irwin is being followed by Fukoyoshi Maru 68, a trawler without any fishing gear. Is this ship gathering “evidence” to justify something in the future?

With this happening, it is well past time that Greenpeace start co-operating with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in their common goal the rid the oceans of ALL whaling ships, if that is what their true intent is. According to the Greenpeace website, they are not opposed to the consumption of whales, just commercial whaling. Maybe they are just after the “environmental dollar” from those people who donate to ease their conscience over their own practices.

When put up beside the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Greenpeace is shown to be almost as hypocritical as Al Gore’s environmental dribble. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society views ALL animals the same, and that they are ALL worth protecting, whereas Greenpeace, to use and Orwell quote, “Some animals are more equal than others”.

Scooting about on inflatable boats and putting up banners worked once, and no longer works today. So it is time for a change in tactics. Greenpeace could do well to remember the saying “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” rather than let the Japanese do one of the oldest tricks in the book “divide and conquer”.

What are your thoughts?