Lies, Gossip, Rumours, and Bitterness

A few days ago I was asked by a friend to have a look at a blog post[1] that was published by a Queensland vegan for my thoughts.

In this post an individual[2] claims that I am “one of the Vegan figureheads in Qld” and asked the question what can we do to integrate the Vegan groups that are fighting and how HE can “lead” them back to the “light” so to speak.

Whilst I am flattered by the promotion to Vegan figurehead, I have no intention of leading anyone anywhere nor do I seek to integrate the vegan groups that are fighting. With the question being asked in a closed Facebook group, and rather than paste it in this article, you can read it here.

This individual responded with what could be read as a heartfelt suggestion and ended it with “Olive branch extended, it’s up to you to take the next step…”

Whilst the statement may get the support of the few ‘Facebook friends’ that he has, these words are nothing more than hot air.

Make no mistakes about it, this individual has no intention of extending the olive branch in any sort of way. All you have to do is have a look at the allegations that he is raising about some of the groups in Australia to see that his agenda is to big note himself at the expense of others.

Having been the target of more than a few slanderous campaigns by this individual, initially reserved for Facebook though it would appear that he has now recruited some associates to work on the rumour mill, I have no intention of listening anything that he may say.

I believe that this individual either has no integrity or believes the stories that he tells others, and has no qualms in resorting to any number of deceptive practices to get what he wants or to elicit sympathy in others.

By no means am I saying that I am perfect or that I have lead an exemplary life, all that I am asking is that before you listen to, or give any credence to rumours or gossip that you may hear about me, consider the source.
If that source is credible, consider where that source got their information from, and if they have any hidden agenda.
Remember that we all believe that there were weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East and that the media is unbiased in their reporting of the facts.

As for the individual extending the olive branch, if he is indeed serious about it, I suggest that he gets out from behind his keyboard and actually start making a contribution to things. Rather than trying to increase his standing at the expense of others.

1: I have not included a link to the post as I have concerns as to the integrity of the site.

2: This individual will remain nameless, not out of fear of repercussions or legal action, I just do not feel this individual is worthy of being spoken about directly.

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