There’s Bird Flu, Horse Flu, Pig Flu…..

All over the world we are seeing news reports about this the different sorts of animal flu that is gripping differents part of the globe.

Japan is in the midst of a horse flu pandemic which has quaranteed the region. Supposedly there is a chance that this may effect the spring racing carnival in Victoria.

There are reports that China is covering up an outbreak of pig flu.

And as we all know, most of Asia is struggling to come to grips with the effect that bird flu is having on the region.

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$cience playing God to help “farmers”

Once again, $cience is going to play “God” with animals, all with the aim of making them more profitable for the farmer.

Come on seriously. When is the human race going to realise that we are the caretakers of this planet, and we shouldn’t be stuffing around in areas that we have no right to.

Take this latest report, for example.

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Brisbane’s ‘Ekka

Well today is “People’s Day” and Brisbane’s ‘Ekka.
According to news reports, there was a good level of attendance today, and RNA people were gloating about how goor it was to see a crowd and stuff like that. The segment on Channel 10 says that the RNA charges stall holders approx $2,000.00 per square metre a week in rent. Then ontop of that they increased the prices for entry, food, etc. Supposedly this little day out will cost the average family over $300.00 in total.

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RSPCA Qld and an RSL…

Having a look at the RSCPA’s website about it’s corporate partners, there are a few of them that should raise some serious concerns and questions. The RSPCA is the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Yet as we have a look at the corporate partners, there are some that are involved in the cruelty of animals, whether it be directly or indirectly.

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