Even family radio does it…

The other day, 10 August 2007, I was channel surfing around a few different radio stations, when I settled down to listen to a few songs on Brisbane’s 96.5FM. This radio station is promoted as being family friendly, with a positive message and all that sort of warm and fuzzy kinda stuff.

Anyway, the morning presenter, Tanya Gordon, was doing her show “Live from the ‘Ekka” and was interviewing some young girls that lived on a farm and were “cow-hands”. They were waffling about what they do on the farm and general chit chat, then Tanya asked if they had ever been fallen off their horse. One of the girls said yes she had, then one of them mentioned that they were almost trampled by a bull. This was when the talking head decided to say that she almost got stood on by a cow moving backwards in the stall that it was in, while she was looking at them at this years ‘Ekka. To make matters worse for her, she also made the comment “People think cows are these docile creatures…they can be quite viscous when they want to”.

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Why I am now a vegan (Part II)

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