Podcast Episode 03: 16 Feb 2011

Running a day late, Episode 3 of the AusVegan.com podcast is ready to be listened to.

In this episode, I have a chat about:
Some interesting items I have found in the paper recently.
Court cases brought against those in animal agri-business.
Why welfare reforms do nothing to limit the use of animal products, and if anything that they actually create more of a demand for it.
Quote some industry figures and projections that show that our hunger for animal products is growing.
The current campaign by Animals Australia regarding the feeding of bobby calves, along with a general rant about the dairy industry.

1 thought on “Podcast Episode 03: 16 Feb 2011”

  1. Well presented Cam…a lot of information in that podcast.
    I am saddened to hear the truth, but am soooo thankful to listen to someone so passionate about getting the facts out there.
    We all have the power to make positive changes, thank you for doing the research and making it easier for me to make those imperative changes…


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