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Hi there Austin,

First of all thank you for your comments, I do appreciate the feedback.
There are a few points that I would like to reply to.

Firstly, I can quote scripture if I want to, it is still my post afterall. I agree the conditions that the animals are kept in is apalling, and can you please tell me how you can humanely kill anything? There is no such thing as a “Humane Death”, if there is, are you willing to be the first one to prove that it is?
Yes, the bible does talk about sacrifices all the time, and how they were to be performed. Correct me if I am wrong, wasn’t the crusificition of christ “The Ultimate Sacrifice” and therefore removed the need for humans to sacrifice an animal? Genesis 1:29 is part of the “Edenic Covenant” and was laid down before the original sin. Then “Noah’s Covenant” gave us permission to eat animals Genesis 9:3 “Every moving thing that liveth shall be mat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things”. So by this, can it be taken that “Noah’s Covenant” negated the “Edenic Covenant”? Then we come to “The Mosaic Covenant” which is where we get the 10 commandments from. Yes there are other covenants after this one, another 5 actually.
Scripture can be used to justify almost anything, quote a verse here, and another one there and you can do almost anything.

I don’t know about you, when it comes to things in my life, I always hold myself to the highest standard possible. So if that means that I choose to be vegan, which to me is a higher standard, why don’t you do the same thing? Or do yo do enough to just get by?
Yes animals are treated as a comodity, and therefore are expendable. By becoming vegan I am doing my part to reduce the suffering of as many animals as possible. What are you doing to ease the suffering of these animals?
Who says that people are not perfect? Is this your justification for the ways that animals are treated, and for us all to eat them as well? This brings me back to my earlier comment about holding myself to a higher standard. I am not trying to fit anyone into a box, just trying to get people to hold themselves to a higher standard.
As for pressuring people, isn’t that what you are doing right now? Or have you forgotten about all those ads that are on TV telling us that we have to eat meat, get our 3 serves of dairy every day, talk about being over bearing and full of partial truths.

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  1. I believe strongly that each person who fights for a cause should be given respect. Who am I to say your cause is less worthy than mine or invalid? I hope that didn’t come across on my comment because that wasn’t the point.

    Yeah, it is your blog and you can quote whatever scripture you want. My point was that the scriptures you used for your argument aren’t accurate. Because the body is so far from perfection God did give us the option to eat meat. He said if we so desired it then to eat it. In this day and age, with advanced/hybrid diseases and what not some of us will require more than a vegan lifestyle can supply. Fortunetly for us the Bible does not condemn this behavior or need.

    I had only two points in my comment. 1) To have people listen you might want to make what you said hear-able. You don’t have to sugar coat it but tact is always suggested. 2) The scriptures you used didn’t prove your point.

    But now here I feel like I’m telling you how to write your own blog when all I wanted to do was tell you that I thought you had some valid points but those points could be missed because of presentation. That’s all I was trying to say.


  2. The small part that I have in animal protection is this:
    volunteer for an animal shelter that re-homes pets
    pet foster care (long and short term)

    My main cause, the main thing I do is put out to everyone the harmful and lasting effects of child abuse. That’s my cause, my focus. It’s what I blog about, it’s what I’m trying to recover from. And I seem to be rather passionate about it. What I’ve learned is that if people take part in a cause, whatever cause that is for positive change, then these causes when put together can make global chance possible. My cause, your cause, my neighbors cause are all together, side by side for the betterment of the world is it not? In this way, it makes us fellows. I can appreciate your dedication, your willingness to put info out there because I do the very same thing.

    Austin of Sundrip


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