$cienti$t$ Urge Unis To Scrap Alternative Medicine Courses.

Last month a group calling themselves Friends of Science in Medicine wrote to the Vice Chancellors of Australian Universities urging them to close down the teaching of alternative medicine degrees.

Whilst I was aware of article, I gave it the initial attention that it deserved of the few minutes that it took to read the article, then forgot all about it.

That was until I saw this article in The Punch today. It was written by James Heathers, and I thought it would be an interesting read until I got to the end of the first paragraph, where he says This group consists of more than 400 Australian professors, academics, researchers and scientists who work in biomedicine. I’m one of them

From there, I lost interest in the article and didn’t read any further.

Doing a bit of a Google search, it appears that the members of this group have got their collective noses out of joint because of the growing threat that Chiropractors are having on their industry.

They claim that they are here to protect health-care consumers from the dangers associated with unscientific clinical practices.

Now this is funny and a tad hypocritical considering that it is coming from a group that kills thousands of people every year and is able to get away with it too.

This is an industry that is funded by pharmaceutical companies that have patents for the medication that is given to these patients in an alleged attempt to help them get better.

Have a look at any of the figures that come out on an almost regular basis that say we are killing ourselves through preventable diseases, which means that “modern medicine” isn’t working.

Sure you can say that there are medications like Drug X, Y or Z that have worked and saved this many people, though what about the drugs that have killed even more people?

This whole debate can be put down to one thing. The alternative medicine industry is in direct competiion to the sickness industry, and they are both fighting for the consumers dollar.

The only difference is that with most alternative medicine practitioners they actually encourage their patients to take responsibility for their own health rather than taking some magic pill.

This also has serious implications for the humble vegan too. Let’s say for a moment, that they are successful in forcing the universities to drop alternative medicine degrees. How long do you think it will be before we head on back to the old days where everyone is taught that dead animal flesh is the only source of protien, and that the only source of calcium there is is a white liquid and comes in a glass.

Think about that for a minute before you jump on the bandwagon saying that alternative medicine is nothing more than modern voodoo and quackery…

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  1. I think that we need evidence-based practices, and when chiropractic and Ayurveda and natural hygiene are evidence-based, we’ll see them talking shop with others who also are evidence-based.

    I’ve been vegan most of my life.


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