Why You Shouldn’t Vote For The Animal Justice Party

Did you watch the “Vegan Hour” ‘interview’ with two of the Animal Justice Party Queensland ‘candidates’ last night?

If you did, did you notice that they are deceiving you into voting for them on Saturday?

Clip is below if you missed it.

After spending the time watching it, it has reaffirmed in my mind why I won’t be, and I do not believe any other vegan or animal rights advocate should either.

Reason 1: We Aren’t All In This Together

In the closing minutes of the video, Ric Allport claimed that “we are all in this together” and that we should support the Animal Justice Party.

This is simply not true.

And for Ric to claim that we are, shows how little he understands the issues that are having an impact on other animals.

What I want is for other animals to be given equal consideration.

What the Animal Justice Party wants is to create a third class for other animals.

A class that means they aren’t viewed the same as inanimate property objects, though they aren’t considered a “person” or legal entity in the eyes of the law.

Reason 2: They Don’t Understand What “Rights” Are

Every time you see something about the Animal Justice Party, you will see the claim something about animal rights.

For example, look at the screenshot from their ‘homepage’.

What they don’t tell you is which ‘rights’ they support, and which ones they don’t.

The party’s state convener, Ric Allport, is a supporter of Trap, Neuter, Release programs.

This means that he is perfectly happy to violate the rights of the trapped animal by surgically removing their reproductive organs. He is also happy to ignore the ‘right to life’ of the animals that the released animal will kill.

Ric was asked the question via his facebook page earlier today. (see below)

Sadly the comment was deleted and I have been blocked from making future comments.

Obviously they don’t understand the concept of rights for other animals, yet somehow we are expected to trust them on their understanding of politics.

Remember, Qld has a unicameral system, which is unique among the Westminster system of government that we have.

Reason 3: The ‘Party’ Isn’t Registered

By their own admission, the party isn’t registered in Queensland.

Saying that registration will occur on 27 November is a moot point.

It also means that the candidates weren’t democratically elected by members, rather they were appointed by the faceless people on the committee.

Not being a registered party means that there will be no AJP ‘branding’ on the ballot paper.

Reason 4: Your Vote WILL Be Wasted

By being listed as independents on the ballot paper, voting #1 for an AJP ‘candidate’ won’t send a message to anyone.

All that will be recorded is that x amount of people voted for an independent. Not for a party that supports “animal issues”.

This means that political commentators and even the major parties will view a vote for independents as a ‘protest vote’.

Rather than a vote in support of the party’s policies.

Reason 5: They Refuse To Reject Vegetarianism

I would have thought that this one would have the simplest of all.

Except it isn’t.

When questioned as to whether they support vegetarianism or not, the candidate for Ferny Grove asked me to elaborate on my definition of “support vegetarianism”.

The question was asked a little simpler.

Do you support “justice” for other animals?

Or do you support the injustices committed against them by vegetarians and “veg-curious”?

Unable to answer that question, the candidate resorted to personal insults.

Reason 6: Their 10 Point Plan Is Meaningless

For a bunch of animal rights activists, and candidates seeking “justice” for other animals, you would have thought that their 10 Point Plan would have some bite to it.

The plan mentions nothing about rights for other animals.

Or, the creation of their ‘3rd status’.

It is also contradictory.

They want to “end factory farms”, and also introduce “world leading animal welfare laws”.

So which one is it?

In a few days time you will have to make a decision.

Do you want to support a party that is built upon a lie?

A party that corrupts well meaning and influential vegans into supporting something that is a polar opposite to veganism.

Or will you stand up and tell the faceless people in the AJP that enough is enough, that it is time to say what you mean and mean what you say?

2 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Vote For The Animal Justice Party”

  1. So what are your personal thoughts on TNR? Do you think it is better for them to be left intact and breed? Your article comes across to me as you are just being attention seeking. Why does one have to be either an abolitionist or a welfarist? Why can’t we just all work together and do what is best for the animals in the present moment?

    • I don’t agree with TNR programs as they cause more problems than they solve, and shift the focus away from the main issue.

      Why is it an ‘attention seeking article’? Aren’t I allowed to express my opinion on a political party that claims to be “for the animals”?

      The challenge with having a foot in both “abolitionist” and “welfare” camps is which one do you promote when they are mutually exclusive?

      I also do wish we could all work together to do what is best for the animals in the present moment.

      The only thing that will help the animals in the present moment is to acknowledge that nothing can be done for them.
      The next best thing is to get a person to “go vegan”. Once they do this, they are no longer supporting animal agriculture.

      Everything else takes too long and still involved supporting animal agriculture.


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