Spanish Scramble variation

Not being the sort of person that likes to spend that much time in the kitchen even at the best of times, the other day I made the decision to try my hand at a dish that I made a few years ago.

So, I decided to make myself Ani Phyo‘s Spanish Breakfast Scramble, and added a few sautéed mushrooms. The original recipe is raw food, the version that I made isn’t because I added the cooked mushrooms. For those that are going down the raw food path, just leave the cooked mushrooms out.

The whole lot was pretty easy to make, and whilst the recipe does include almonds soaked the night before, which I forgot to do because it was a spur of the moment thing, it still tasted pretty good.

Not having a food processor I used the wet and dry processing attachment that came with my Bamix to grind up the nuts and mixed the coriander, spring onions and tomatoes in a bowl.

You can find the original recipe and YouTube clip here:
Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Kitchen: Spanish Breakfast Scramble

What are your thoughts?