Stuff The Truth, Let’s Tar And Feather The Bastard

It seems that Tuesday’s article about activists claiming to be from “Gateway To Hell” storming the Brisbane office of China Southern Airlines has upset quite a few people.

As you can see by the comments at the end of that article, all sorts of accusations have been thrown at me yet very little discussion about what I actually wrote.

As is always the case, a few vocal people haven’t allowed the facts get in the way of a good condemnation, so I will summarise them here.

  • The footage of the ‘protest’ was published on YouTube for all to see
  • One of the people involved in the activity tagged all of those involved in a Facebook status update, congratulating each other on the day’s ‘achievement’.
  • The clip was publicly posted on the Facebook page of Coast To Coast Animal Friends, with those involved in it defending what they did when comments were made.
  • There was also a similar defence of the protest in the comments section of the YouTube clip.
  • The behaviour of the protestors is nothing more than bullying of innocent people.
  • It is highly doubtful that the small Brisbane offive has any influence on the commercial decisions of the offices in China or the United States.

In the article, I also asked the following questions, which have gone unanswered.

  • What did these ‘protestors’ think they could achieve by storming the offices of China Southern Airlines?
  • Was it to increase awareness of the plight of primates used in vivisection?
  • Was it to get the airline to stop transporting primates?
  • Was it to open the eyes of the staff and visitors there to adopt a more compassionate lifestyle?

In different Facebook discussions, and in the comment section of the article, I asked the following questions:

  • How did that one benefit the primates that you are all supposed to be campaigning on behalf of?
  • What metrics were used to measure if it was successful?
  • Have any follow up meetings/discussions been held with the airline?
  • On what information caused the Brisbane office to be targeted?
  • How did you discover that the Brisbane office has influence on the cargo that is transported to or from China and the US?

Unfortunately, those taking part in the ‘protest’ have been eerily silent when it comes to answering any of the questions, preferring to make comments against my morals, and myself personally, along with threatening me with being exposed to the wider vegan/animal rights community as being a snitch and someone not to be trusted.

This also ties in with another point that I raised in the article, the practice of those within this movement to bully and harass those with opposing views into silence or expulsion.

[GARD]I am yet to be convinced that barging into someone’s place of employment, blowing an air horn and shouting could be described as anything less than bullying or harassment.

Whilst similar protests overseas may have had some sort of success, these protests don’t usually work out here in Australia. It is just unfortunate that those involved were hoodwinked into participating by the leader without doing any research into their planned action’s effectiveness.

If these activists were truly intent on raising the awareness of other animals used in research, why didn’t they target one of the facilitates in Queensland that actually does, instead of going off half cocked after China Southern Airlines?

This information can be easily obtained by making a Freedom of Information/Right to Information request to Queensland’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Except that would require them to actually think about what they are doing.

6 thoughts on “Stuff The Truth, Let’s Tar And Feather The Bastard”

  1. Hey Cameron, you seem to know SOOO much about what we do and have done.. I guess stalking our Facebook profiles is pretty easy..anyone can do it! Why don’t you just leave us be and concentrate on whatever it is you do.

    • Hi Gabrielle,
      As you are one of the people that was involved in the ‘protest’ perhaps you would be able to answer the questions that I asked in this piece, rather than responding in the way that you did.

  2. How about we agree to disagree Cameron…..the point I was making was simple….. You my friend are a text book narcissist ….. You have done nothing wrong have you? You are an attention seeker, you see no wrong in what you do! You blame and point fingers…… it is you that has made this what is…This has nothing to do with the plight of the animals it’s just a way for you to further inflate your ego and sense of grandiosity! You harp on about about the facts…., well here are some facts for you! You named people! It was not your business to do this…. If these people had already named themselves it’s not your business either ! They did so in the forums of their choosing…. You have taken it to yet another forum to try and discredit and belittle!!!! We are not bullying you …. You have the right to your own opinion but what you do drags this to the lowest level! You made this public so we all have the right to reply and my god I will always stand up for the people who are trying in their own way! It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with their approach, just have the decency to let people do their own activism. At least they are trying! On a brighter note it has been most enjoyable having this debate with you, I just hope in future you will leave people alone, I’d love to hear about what activism you are doing ?… It would be far more beneficial for you to tell us all about that, don’t you think?

    • Ken,
      I agree that we can agree to disagree, except you haven’t made any point, nor have you answered any of the questions that I asked, or showed me how the ‘protest’ was successful, and what it actually did for ANY animals.

      As you have never met me or actually spoken to me, I highly doubt that you are qualified to diagnose me as being a narcissist.

      What I would like to know is why I am the one to blame for all of this, or are we forgetting those immortal words of Brad Pitt from Fight Club?

      You are right, everyone has the right to reply, and as you can see, I have published every comment, regardless of what was said. Though to date no one has has actually replied. All they have done is criticise me and attempt to bully me into being quiet.

      If you believe that just because someone is doing ‘something’ that they shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions or how it actually impacts others, then once again Sir, you are the one that is misinformed.

  3. It is amazing that you have time to attack other animal activists, when there are animal abusers you could be writing about.

    • You are so right Aran,

      Some left a comment on a different piece that Shane Waett still consumes animals and animal by-products. This means that she is just as guilty as abusing animals as any of those who do. As soon as I find out where she works I will be putting together a group of people to barge into her workplace and yell at her that she is a murderer, etc.

      What do you think, will that convince her to go vegan and stop abusing animals?

      If you care to read some of the previous articles, you will see that I have written about that who do use/abuse animals too. I have even written suggestions on how these ‘animal protection’ groups could stop the practices they are campaigning about.


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