110,000 Saved*

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If you believe the latest propaganda that has come out from Animals Australia, its supporters have ‘saved’ over 100,000* battery hens from a life in a cage.

Before I mention anything about the life that these hens have been saved from, I have to say that I think it is thoroughly disgusting that Edgar’s Mission allowed one of the residents to be exploited for the sake of promoting an organisation that is opposed to veganism. The story about the hen herself is just as deplorable.

From the Animals Australia page about the hen called Little Miss Sunshine.

However, Little Miss Sunshine and I did not become personally acquainted until some months later. I was actually training another very clever ex- battery hen by the name of Marilyn Monroe. Each morning Marilyn and I would go into the kitchen to practice her repertoire of tricks in the hope that one day we could share them with the world, in an effort to show people how intelligent chickens really are. But there was one obvious barrier to Marilyn Monroe becoming the new Edgar’s Mission ambassador hen – although she tolerated me when I had food, she did not (and still does not) like me very much at all!

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Gemima: Repost From Farm Animal Rescue

This article was posted on Farm Animal Rescue’s website http://www.farmanimalrescue.org.au/ and you can find the original version here

imageThis is Gemima. She is 2 years old and weighs 1.4kg. She should weigh between 2 and 2.5kg. She has come from a barn-laid egg production facility wherethousands of birds live in a single barn space where the birds are able to “roam freely”.

Gemima does nothing but hide. She is happiest when she is locked in a coop on her own with some feed which she will eat ravenously. If there are any other birds nearby she runs to hide and doesn’t eat or drink.

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