When Is An Apology, Not An Apology?

Have the AJP and Mark Pearson failed the animals already?
Mark Pearson, will consuming a dog be his next “error of judgement’?. Source: Facebook

Let’s cut right to the chase here. If this post is going to be a TL:DR, then this is what you should take away from it.

Mark Pearson should resign from the AJP and parliament immediately.

For those kept reading, let me ask you this.

If there was a person who has for many years championed ’cause X’. So much so that those who are involved in ‘X’ dread to see this person walking towards them.

This person is held up as one of the few people who is seeking justice for “X”.

Now what would you say if this same person was alleged to have participated in “X”?

Would you condemn that person?

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Vegan Police. Keeping The Faith, or Turning People Away

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Vegan Police. Keeping The Faith, or Turning People Away - VeganPolice.com.au
Vegan Police. Keeping The Faith, or Turning People Away
source: unknown

Recently an article published on Vegan.com about the Vegan Police has been doing the rounds of various facebook groups.

Before I go any further on my thoughts on the article, this needs to be said.

As far as I am concerned, and based on my experience, there are usually only two types of people who use the term vegan police. Those who are bullies and those who knowing consume animal products. Both types use the term to shift the focus from them to the person who made the comment or asked the question.

I should also add that calling someone the vegan police is used to bully, ostracise, otherise or offend that person into silence or others into submission in the same way that those who follow Gary Francione label everyone else as a new welfarist.

There is no other reason for someone who claims to be vegan to use it to describe someone else who also claims to be vegan.

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