Animal Liberation Deception

One of the biggest hoaxes within Australia’s animal advocacy movement has finally been revealed.

The master franchisee of the Animal Liberation ‘brand’ in Australia, Animal ‘Liberation’ (NSW) is not really an animal rights organisation after all. Today on ABC’s Landline episode Sky Wars, they revealed that they are actually a consumer protection organisation.

This segment was about the NSW based group’s aerial surveillance of a free range egg farm at Dora Creek on the New South Wales central coast.

The organisation’s executive director, Mark Pearson, says “If it’s free range, the birds must have access to outside vegetation, palatable vegetation, shade, light, dust, etc, to fulfil their needs, which is what consumers expect to be the case if consumers are paying the premium for free-range eggs.”

One of the owners of the farm says that the hens were confined on that day because they were being treated for worms, which is acceptable under the Model Code Of Practice for Poultry.

It is unfortunate for the animals that the segment was more focused on the way that consumers are being deceived by falsely labelled ‘free range’ eggs, with extra confirmation of that being given by Angela McDougall from Choice.

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Animal Liberation. What Is It Exactly?

lib·er·a·tion noun \ˌli-bə-ˈrā-shən\ Definition of LIBERATION 1: the act of liberating : the state of being liberated 2: a movement seeking equal rights and status for a group <women’s liberation> As most of us know, other animals are being oppressed, exploited, used and abused at rates and in numbers never seen before in history. Animal … Read more

We’re Doing It For The Animals

This weekend there is an Animal activists forum being held in Sydney, NSW along with the AGM of Animals Australia.

Not being able to attend I thought I would have a look at the program to see what I missed.

Most of it was fairly innocuous, except for today’s presentation by Mark Pearson from Animal Liberation NSW at 3:00pm today.

It is titled “The Continuum Between Soft Welfarism And No Compromise (Which Is Better For Animals Breathing Today And Those Who Will Be Tomorrow?)”

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