Chickadee Magazine. An Objective Review

Have you got a copy of Animal Liberation Queensland’s Chickadee ‘magazine’ yet?
The ‘magazine’ that is aimed at ‘tween’ females to promote awareness of sentience in animals, and help inform young consumers of ways in which they can make compassionate choices for animals every day.

Whilst Animals liberation Queensland is supposedly an organisation that aims to remove our speciesist view of other animals, they are more than well known for their sexist attitude and views towards humans.

Does anyone remember their ‘Beef-Eating Blokes’ image or the use of females in cages at a circus protest?

Unfortunately, this ‘magazine’ is no different.

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Logan Greyhounds. NIMBY Or Genuine Concern?

12485233_sThe news of the green light being given to the proposed greyhound track at Underwood has seen a flurry of movement from a large number of animal protection groups.

There is a billboard sign on the M1 at Shailer Park protesting the “killing of greyhounds for gambling”, Animal Liberation Queensland has an e-petition registered with the Qld gov, and I am sure there will be a protest or two organised in the coming weeks/months.

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When Industry Representatives Mislead

Holly. A wonderful soul whose life was cut drastically short due to the speciesist belief that pigs should be used for food.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Australian Farm Institute Executive Director Mick Keogh.

First, he published his thoughts about speciesism and attempted to refute Katrina Fox’s piece on the subject that appeared on The Drum

Then he directed another opinion piece at the recent decision by the ACT parliament to ban intensive farmed products. If he had have done a little bit more research on it, he could have really hit the mark. Except by trying to look like he knew what he was talking about with a few pretty graphs, he embarrassingly missed the target.

His latest piece is about how advocates of the coming meat free week are preaching a misleading message where he once again misses the mark.

Whilst it is understandable that Mr Keogh needs to be out there fighting the good fight for his members, I personally believe he needs to stop for a minute and think about at whose expense his comments are made.

For example, whilst Mr Keogh is happy to stick it to those uneducated misguided anti-meat people he is doing at the expense of Australian fruit and veg farmers. Remember that once we stop consuming animal products, we usually increase the amount of other produce that we eat.

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