When Foodies Fall

One of the unfortunate thing about being vegan is that so many people think it is just about food, and very little else.

Making things worse are those who have been able to make some sort of living out of providing ‘food’ advice disguised as vegan education. Whilst I am not denying their ability to make money out of whatever they are able to, I just think it is insulting to non ‘food’ animals.

Because a majority of us have this weird obsession with food, these individuals quickly climb the social media ladder gathering a large defensive following who appoint them ‘vegan educators’.

Though what does it say about the movement, and veganism when these people trip, stumble, and then fall away from veganism completely?

Alex Jamieson made the bold move by publicly declaring that she was no longer vegan, with the ensuing feeding frenzy enamoring her more with her new market and further reinforcing the stereotype of vegans being extremists.

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