What ARE You?

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The recent piece that I wrote about the activities of Aussie Farms, that was picked up by the media seems to have had people making all sorts of outlandish statements, telling lies, and spreading rumours.
Whilst I am not going to give the lies and rumours credibility by responding to them, I am going to address some of the more important questions that were asked.

Are You An Animal Liberationist?

In a nutshell the answer is No.
This is because I have not performed an act that liberated other animals from captivity/oppression.
To disappoint some, being a member of the animal liberation franchise does not make you an animal liberationist either.

Are You An Animal Rights Activist?

Once again, in a nutshell the answer is no.
Whilst calling yourself an animal rights activist may be the new black, the reality is that attaching that label to yourself doesn’t actually make you an animal rights activist.
To call yourself an animal rights activist, you will need to define what animal rights you are seeking to achieve. From there, you will need to establish a process/procedure for these ‘rights’ being granted, and who /what will be put in place to ensure that these ‘rights’ are not infringed upon.

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