Live Export Dramas. Again!

Live Export - Open up! It's The Vegan Police! -
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Animals Australia prophesied that there would be problems with ‘Australian’ animals during this years Festival of Sacrifice. Sadly for the animals concerned, their prophecies came true. Which resulted in yet another expose on the ABC’s Lateline program.

Once again, a bunch of politicians are filling soundbites with token gestures of stopping live export, calling for licences to be revoked and so on.

Whilst the public have every right to be upset, will this ‘cruelty’ to animals stop if Australia withdraws from a multi-million dollar industry, or is this simply another bigoted campaign by an animal protection organisation who seem to be more intent on brand recognition than actually protecting animals?

Now before any gets all excited about this piece, let me set the record straight and say here and now that as a vegan who believes that all sentient beings should be given equal consideration, it is my belief that ANY trade in animals, whether dead or alive is abhorrent, and something that needs to be stopped.

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Once Again Sam, You’ve Got It Wrong

Cameron, author of with Holly from Farm Animal Rescue
Cameron, author of with Holly from Farm Animal Rescue

I never thought I would see the day where I actually agreed with something that Sam Trethewey says when he is bagging out animal ‘activists’ and vegans, though that is exactly what has happened with his latest article, Pulped fiction hurts farmers.

Just like Mr Trethewey, I too find it sad when people make decisions about what to eat or not to eat based on assumptions or skewed information about agricultural production. And, It’s hard for people to determine the difference between information that is universally true and that which confirms their bias or values – but even with that in mind, it must take a brain devoid of inquisitiveness to shift ingrained behaviour like eating habits to suit a belief based on misinformation and no personal experience.

Though that is about all where I can agree with him.

In his scathing attack on Sam de Brito’s, Confessions of a vegan, Trethewey is just guilty of the exact same level of self righteousness and ignorance that he has levelled at de Brito.

As much as Mr Trethewey would like to deny it, ALL animal ‘farming’ in Australia is factory farming. It is just that some is more ‘intensive’ than others.

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