When Is An Apology, Not An Apology?

Have the AJP and Mark Pearson failed the animals already?
Mark Pearson, will consuming a dog be his next “error of judgement’?. Source: Facebook

Let’s cut right to the chase here. If this post is going to be a TL:DR, then this is what you should take away from it.

Mark Pearson should resign from the AJP and parliament immediately.

For those kept reading, let me ask you this.

If there was a person who has for many years championed ’cause X’. So much so that those who are involved in ‘X’ dread to see this person walking towards them.

This person is held up as one of the few people who is seeking justice for “X”.

Now what would you say if this same person was alleged to have participated in “X”?

Would you condemn that person?

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Another “Foodie” Has Fallen

jordan younger
Jordan Younger. Blaming veganism for

While last year wasn’t a particularly good year for veganism when a number of foodies fell off the wagon. This year is shaping up to be an even worse one.

While most rational people are able to see through the reducetarian rubbish as just that. When a “former vegan” claims that being vegan caused her to become sick and nearly lose her life, it is a little harder to brush off.

This is exactly what is going on now with the media attention around the release of Jordon Younger’s book “Breaking Vegan”.

The media is salivating at the chance to demonise veganism as something that only people with mental problems follow, linking it to the made up “disorder” orthorexia.

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