Following The ‘Fruit Bat’ Sh*T Crazy

With a number of vegans being concerned about the ‘damage’ that former vegan foodies are doing to the cause, very little attention is paid to those current ‘personalities’ who are possibly doing it even more harm.

A number of these vegans come to mind (and I do use the term vegan loosely as I think they are more focused on a plant based diet) unfortunately the worst by far happen to be Australian.

That’s right folks, I am talking about Leanne Bell(?) Ratcliffe and Harley Johnstone otherwise known as Freelee and Durian Rider.

Are they really vegan?

While it is easy for someone to throw on a t-shirt with a catchy slogan and talk about plant based foods, does that really make them a vegan?

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Ag-Gag Laws. The Best Thing To Happen To Animal Advocacy

What would you say if I told you that any proposed ag-gag laws that actually made it onto the books would be a good thing for the animal advocacy movement, and not something we should be scared of?

By encouraging and not resisting these so-called ag-gag laws, we will be helping the animal advocacy movement to grow, and in turn, help those who ‘we’ are supposed to be advocating for.

The Animals.

Both Sides Need To Harden Up
Is Australia a bunch of sooks now where the group that whinges the most gets the best treatment?

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Is Veganism A Luxury Of The Privileged?

Is ‘going vegan’ really easy to do, or is it only a luxury of the priveledged?

The supposed ease of being able to adopt a vegan lifestyle is touted almost as the primary reason for doing it.

Yet, is it really easy to go vegan or is it only easy with privilege?

Take for example a few comments by a self proclaimed vegan identity. This individual gleefully boasts all over facebook about the abuse that they level at those who are still consuming animal products whilst out and about. Yet this person’s partner and pet weren’t ‘vegan’.

How easy is it really?

The truth of the matter is that unless you are a single person earning a relatively modest income, there is a good chance you may struggle with it.
I remember way back in the old days when I was vegan I drove trucks for a living, and one of the jobs that I had was working for a seafood company. I literally spent my day driving tonnes and tonnes of frozen seafood around to supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

After I left that role, I did general freight for a while, and one of the regular deliveries that I had was delivering kangaroo skins to the tanner in Brisbane.

Did those two roles mean that I was no longer vegan? I am sure that there are those who would say that I was betraying the cause and I should have just quit, though it wasn’t as easy as that. Whilst I would have loved to have done that, I still had the usual obligations to contend with.

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Animal Liberation Queensland Gives Up On Other Animals.

Photo Credit: Rainer Hungershausen via Flickr cc
Photo Credit: Rainer Hungershausen via Flickr cc

If you aren’t a greyhound, don’t expect much help or a campaign out of the Queensland branch of the Animal Liberation franchise.

In what has to be the worst case of dropping the ‘animal rights’ ball that this author has ever seen, Animal Liberation Queensland seems to be single-mindedly focusing on feebly attempting to stop the proposed greyhound track at Underwood in Queensland’s Logan Shire.

Despite being having the words “Animal Liberation” in their name, and having as part of their objective “To abolish man’s attitude of speciesism towards animals”, the group has forsaken all others to get a bit of publicity around greyhounds.

This single campaign to them is that important that they passed on footage, anonymously given to them, to another organisation for them to use, rather than use it themselves.

Now whilst I think it is great that they are sharing footage with other organisations outside of the franchise, I personally think it was a wasted opportunity for them to promote veganism. Something that would have benefited ALL animals.

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What Will You Actually Save Them From

This past week I received two emails in particular that both upset and infuriated me at the same time.

The first one was an email from Animals Australia that was asking for donations. The email featured a picture of a bull that I believe is from their recent Gaza/Ban Live Export investigation.

Whilst I don’t really have any issue with Animals Australia asking for money via email, they are a business after all. The bit that infuriated me was the big bold caption that said “Because of you, we will save animals like him.”

Unfortunately for the animals, and regardless of how much money you give to Animals Australia, all they “may” be able to save other animals from, is being killed overseas.

What Animals Australia have conveniently forgotten to tell potential donors is that these animals are designated food animals, and will be killed regardless.

If it isn’t overseas, it will happen here.

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That’s No Way To Treat A Lady, But Who Cares About The Boys?

As someone who believes that other animals shouldn’t be used for any purpose, I find it interesting and more than a little concerning that so many people are getting excited about the latest warm and fuzzy campaign from one of Australia’s ‘animal protection’ groups.

With the average consumer being forgiven for thinking that life will be rosy for chickens outside of cages, it isn’t that simple for the rest of us.

Aside from the fact that by promoting this we are increasing the brand awareness of an organisation that isn’t interested in promoting veganism, are we sending consumers a misleading message?

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2013 The Year That Was, 2014 The Year That Will Be.

As it has been nearly two months since I last wrote something for this site, I thought I would make the first post of 2014 a review of 2013, and sort of mud map for what will be happening in 2104.

2013’s Top 7 Posts

7: What Does It Mean To Be Vegan?
My thoughts on what it means to be vegan in a world that isn’t.

6: Are Animal Activists Making Things Worse For The Animals?
The article where I ask the question of whether ‘animal activists’ are actually making things worse for other animals? I gave the example of a Melbourne Pig Save protest that uses pigs from Edgar’s Mission as some sort of entertainment for passersby.

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