Teys Brothers Slaughterhouses

According to their About Us page;
Teys is the largest Australian-owned and second-largest beef processing company in Australia, processing one million cattle and turning over more than $AUD1.2B per annum. Teys comprises four modern beef processing facilities, a 30,000-head feedlot, a tannery, wholesaling divisions, and a value-added facility.

It amazes me that they have changed the language that the above is written to even further remove the consumer from what actually happens.  They have used the term, processing instead of the correct one, slaughtering.

Below are the stats on the slaughterhouses in Queensland.

Beenleigh: Logan River Road.
Kills over two shifts, 1428 cattle per day and employs approx 800 staff

Rockhampton: Lakes Creek Road
Kills 1731 animals per day on a single shift. Employs 900 staff

Biloela: Callide Highway
Kills 703 animals per day on a single shift. Employs 400 staff

Naracoorte: Hynam Road
Kills 550 animals per day on a single shift. Employs 300 staff

Innisfail: 12 Dodds Road
This plant is not in operation, though it is capable of killing 600 animals per day, and employs over 200 staff.