The Animal Justice Party Has Failed The Animals Already

Have the AJP and Mark Pearson failed the animals already?
Mark Pearson, a self proclaimed voice for the voiceless who isn’t ashamed to use them as a prop. Source: Facebook

Five days ago, the Honorable Mark Pearson MLC, gave his maiden speech to the NSW’s Legislative Council. With people watching streamed footage, and a packed public gallery, this should have been a watershed moment for the plight of other animals.

Never again will the animals have a captive audience where a supposed dedicated advocate of theirs would be able to champion their cause in such an open forum.

Missed Opportunity

For all the talk and rhetoric of both him and the Animal Justice Party being a voice for the voiceless, he failed to mention anything about seeking justice for them, or that one things that could help the animals.

Going Vegan.

The faithful are claiming that he didn’t use the word vegan out of a concern of ostracising voters or being portrayed as a nut-job by the media.

Yet they didn’t seem to concerned about Mr Pearson ostracising supporters when he stated that the way to shut down live export was to build more slaughterhouses. Or, when he took part in a March To Close All Slaughterhouses less than 12 months later.

Nor did they seem too worried about Mark Pearson being portrayed as a nut job when he said that one of the first things he would be doing is buying new suits, or that he’s been arrested 12 times for trespass.

What is really interesting is that Jay Z and Beyonce don’t seem to be too afraid of the self imposed stigma relating to the word ‘vegan’.

Then again, could it be that Mark Pearson isn’t vegan himself, and doing so would make him a bit of a hypocrite? Just like the facebook warrior Ricky Gervais.

Running His Own Agenda

For someone that is supposedly willing to fight the good fight he has well and truly dropped the ball with regards to the animals.

So much for Mark Pearson’s claim that he was involved in the animal rights movement, he failed to mention those words during his speech.

Instead he choose animal protection, animal wellbeing and animal welfare, going against what the AJP’s facebook page claims of being a “political party that represents the rights of animals across the country”.

Then again, it wouldn’t be appropriate for someone who is vegetarian to trumpet a position of rights for other animals, despite his supporters wanting him to do just that.

We all know that he has his apple cart upset by RSPCA NSW dropping the charges against Wally’s Piggery. I guess it was to be expected that he use his maiden speech to have a go at them too.

Without providing a draft bill, and possibly without consulting either the Police Minister or Commissioner, he announces that he wants to see the investigative powers of the RSPCA given to the NSW Police Force. How much this is going to cost, and how it will be paid for remains to be see. Though I guess the devil is in the detail.

Is There Any Hope For The Animals?

Despite having been an animal advocate for 20 odd years, along with being an executive director of Animal Liberation NSW and a vice president of Animals Australia, I can’t see him having a vegan epiphany any time soon.

That being said, and in this instance, I would love to be proven wrong, and have the rank and file of the party put pressure on him to go vegan, not only for his sake, for the sake of the animals that he is supposed to be advocating for.

Maybe, it could be a topic for discussion at the AJP National Conference in July?

Let’s wait and see…

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  1. Goodness me give the AJP a go Mark was great for his first speech, they are only just started, a great deal to be don this is just the beginning, touch of the ice burg, my god the Priminster made huge & many mistakes the first few years & still going, wait until we have a track record, Rome was not built in a day, I see progress everywhere already.
    Wait until Mark Pearson has had a running jump. as for me great stuff Mark. More to come, many followers behind him.


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