The Challenges Of Veganism

As far as movements go, veganism faces a number of challenges that have not usually expended by other ‘movements’.

With one of the biggest challenges, possibly being the easiest to overcome.

We are trying to change socially accepted and entrenched practices, attitudes, and behaviour a, hoping that they will come across to our way of thinking, and make a lifestyle choice that goes by a name many of us are afraid to use.

Despite the word vegan celebrating it’s 68th birthday this year, it is still able to instill more fear in people than the name Voldemort ever has.

If, as most vegans would like to believe, veganism and the animal rights message are the next important social justice movement, why are we so afraid to use the term?

There are those who say that using the word vegan whilst talking to the masses is likely to be a turn off and restrict their ability to hear what is being said. Whilst this may be true, I also believe that it has a lot to do with our avoidance of using the term that is compounding the issue.

With the lists of Vegan Celebrities growing virtually every day, there is no reason for us mere mortals to be scared of uttering those five letters, regardless of who we are talking to.

How can we expect the world to accept our position of not using animals if we are afraid to say that’s what we want.

With more and more rogue operators and extreme incidents being exposed, we can no longer justify the softly, softly and baby steps approach.

Make no mistakes about it, the eleventh hour is upon us.

We cannot wait for times to change to promote the vegan message.

What are we afraid of that is stopping us from promoting the vegan message to all and sundry?

If promoting the vegan message will stop animals being killed, would they want us to shy away using the word?

If promoting the vegan message will stop people dying of preventable diet related illnesses every year, would they want us to shy away from using the word?

If promoting the vegan message will stop the unprecedented demand that is being placed on the earths resources, would the planet want us to shy away from using the word?

Promoting the vegan message doesn’t harm or cause the death of anyone, human or non-human. Whereas, not promoting the vegan message does.

I am yet to meet any individual who has actually followed through with the threat of “eating twice as many animals to make up for those I don’t”.

So what are we afraid of?

And when will be the right time for you to promote the vegan message?

What are your thoughts?