The SSAA Is Partially Right

Once again Animals Australia and the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia at loggerheads.

This time it is over Animals Australia’s use of sports people in their latest campaign.

As is usually the case when preaching to the converted, the truth gets distorted.

Duck Shooting ISN’T A Sport

While the SSAA don’t defend duck shooting by claiming it is a sport, after saying previously that it wasn’t.

Others have.

Where They Got It Wrong

Sadly, the SSAA have shown how poorly researched and reactionary the article actually is.

For starters, Animals Australia is not, nor has it ever been and animal rights organisation.

There is a marked difference between legal and legitimate hunters.

Neither is there an ideological hatred of providing free-range food for the table.

In fact, that is what Animals Australia promotes with their egg, and make it possible campaigns.

Ad Hominem Is The Way


Rather than taking the time to explain why the campaign was wrong, the SSAA resorted to ad hominem attacks.

Crticising Peter Siddle for describing himself as a plant powered athlete, and playing cricket is no way to win an argument.

The same applies to calling  David Zaharakis ignorant because he plays football.

No Difference Between Duck Shooting And Fishing

The only thing the SSAA got partially right was pointing out the similarity between duck shooting and fishing.

They are right, there is no difference between the two.

Neither of them are a sport.

The only difference is that one is socially acceptable, the other isn’t.

Similar to the way that eating cows is acceptable here, yet eating dogs isn’t.

There Really Isn’t Any Point To It

As I wrote in the article Duck Shooting. Sport or Slaughter, duck shooting can no longer be justified.

This is Australia in 2016.

There is no legitimately justifiable reason to continue killing ANY animal for food.

Yes, I have been duck shooting. Many, many years ago

No, I didn’t eat the birds I shot. I gave them to someone else who ended up giving them to their dog.

It is high time for ‘hunters’ to wake up and realise that the social tide is slowly turning away from them.

Act like the mature and responsible adults that you claim to be, and acknowledge that hunting is an activity from our past. And move on to something else.

If you really want to shoot something. Join a skeet or silhouette club.

What are your thoughts?